Fabulous Additions to Your Man Cave

Whether you’re living on your own in a bachelor pad, or else happily married with small children in your family home, it’s important for every member of the household to have a space where they can spend time in their own company and generally relax.

Many men choose to construct what’s colloquially described as their man cave, and if you’re the fortunate owner of such a space or, indeed, are planning on constructing such an area, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to be inspired by some utterly fabulous additions for your man cave.

A Fresh Lick of Paint

The simplest way to transform any room is also one of the most affordable. To inject a new lease of life into your man cave, it’s time for a fresh lick of paint on the walls and the ceiling.

Instead of gravitating toward darker shades of green, gray, and even black for a moody and altogether mysterious look, remember that as impressive as the aesthetic may be, you still want to be relaxing, playing games, and generally hanging out in a light and fresh space. Choose a bold and striking color scheme, perhaps with red accents on a light blue wall, or different shades of green around the perimeter.

A Cozy Couch

If you’re interested in a gaming setup within the space and prefer PC gaming over consoles, you’ll need to invest in an ergonomic desk chair to ensure your neck, shoulders, and back are fully supported.

If not, if you’re a loyal PlayStation gamer, then your choices when it comes to man cave seating are much more varied, and there couldn’t be a more comfortable option than a cozy couch.

This doesn’t mean you need to be shelling out hundreds of dollars, though, and instead you should check out Facebook Marketplace and other online secondhand stores, as well as larger charity stores in and around your local area.

Statement Lights & Clocks

Lighting is an important element of any home and in your man cave, ideally, you’ll want to design a lighting scheme which will be just as conducive to a night of gaming with friends to watching a movie in a home cinema experience.

You could even satisfy your need for the latest gadgets and choose a two-in-one lighting and clock unit in the style of your favorite movie franchise or gaming platform. Take a look at the impressive range of truly unique nixie tube clocks, which could not only provide the ultimate focal point, but also translate seamlessly into creating a vibrant gaming space, too.

Open Shelving

For avid collectors of the latest designer sneakers, or for movie fanatics who collect limited edition DVDs, whatever your individual passion, a great way of decorating a man cave is to openly display your prized collections.

Open shelving is both affordable and practical, and is also ideal for injecting your own character, personality, and style into your new favorite room in the house.


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