Fake news of “4 AI Robots killed humans in Japan” spreads

People on social media began sharing a brief, shaky video clip of a lady telling a narrative about 29 scientists being murdered by AI-controlled robots in Japan in December, 2018. The alleged story of robots killing humans in Japan is a portion of UFOlogist & conspiracy theorist Linda Moulton Howe’s hour-long talk at the Conscious of Life Expo in Los Angeles in Feb 2018.

Howe’s discussion centered on the threats of AI, but it also included accounts of UFO sightings, alien abductions, and parallel universes. Howe began her talk with a tale of 4 AI robots murdering 29 scientists in Japan, which she claimed to have heard from a retired Marine working contract for the CIA, the NSA, and the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency).

Concerning details were lacking from Howe’s account. She did not state where she heard this, what factory this supposedly horrific event took place in, or who the scientists were who were allegedly killed. In addition, Howe stated that the government censored news of the robot revolution.

However, the murders or abduction of scores of Japan’s best scientists would have likely made headlines regardless of whether or not the robot portion of the story was hidden. However, we were unable to locate any evidence to support this news.

Any other news organizations did not mention the robot attack:

The allegation that AI robots attacked and killed 29 people in Japan is based on rumors with zero proof. It has been reported in the media that she invented this story to captivate an audience with her talk on how an alien culture intelligently designed human beings. Howe has won several awards for her work as an UFOlogist and is well-known for spreading her views of extraterrestrial alien contact.

Have automated systems or AI ever been responsible for the death of a human?

There have been reports in the national media that surveillance drones armed with artificial intelligence followed fleeing militants in Libya during the civil war in March of 2020 and targeted them. If the assessment by the UN Security Council panel of experts is to be believed, this strike was conducted by a drone with the codename KARGU 2, which STM developed.

This Turkish military corporation was acting militarily in the civil conflict. According to the United Nations report, the KARGU2 are “autonomous killer weapons” designed to launch attacks without first exchanging data with a human commander. These facts point to their possible usage as lethal robots.

The report mentioned that a “Lethal autonomous weapon system (LAWS)” was used to monitor the strike that the interim government of Libya carried out against a military group. According to the study, this law was designed to strike targets without being connected to a human operator, suggesting that artificial intelligence may have been responsible for the assault.

Wrapping It Up:

A fascinating debate is going on regarding AI’s implications for the future of humanity. Experts can’t seem to agree on fundamental questions like how AI will change the employment market in the future when human-level AI is produced, if that will cause an intelligence explosion and if we should be excited or alarmed by that prospect.

In contrast, several examples of dull pseudo-controversies brought up by individuals miscommunicating and ignoring one another may direct our attention away from the misconceptions and toward the intriguing debates and unanswered questions. AI and robots are both useful and may be harmful at any time, depending on the scenarios.

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