Famous Water Sports in Andaman Island

If you enjoy water activities and are a fan of the sea, this vivid and tropical wonderland is a haven for you. A journey to the beautiful islands of Andaman will allow you to discover the sea of wonders at its best, from snorkelling to scuba diving. The best part is that you don’t need to know how to swim for enjoying the sporty adrenalin tasks. You must have the courage to dive into the sea while wearing a life jacket.

The best time to go on this exciting adventure is after the monsoon i.e. From November and up to May when the sky is clear and the sea is calm and safe. Because of the range of water activities available, the Andaman Islands are popular among adventure seekers. Nobody will get bored because this resort provides a plethora of activities for everyone. Here is a list of fun water activities in Andaman, as well as some descriptions of the same:

Banana Boat Rides- The hard move in the waters 

Banana boat rides are among the most thrilling and entertaining adventure activities in Andaman. Six persons may ride these banana-shaped boats that are tied to a powerboat to gain momentum at the same time.

They are completely safe since you are provided with life vests and the instructor is accompanying you on your travels. So, don’t be shy; instead, get on a banana boat trip in Andaman and enjoy the experience. In Andaman, this is the easiest and most affordable activity.

Activity site– Havelock Island and Rajiv Gandhi Water sports complex

  • Snorkelling- Feel the depth 

Explore the marvellous of the deep ocean as you dive into the sea beds. The most loved spot for the photos to boast about your enjoyments. If you’ve never tried snorkelling, give it a shot and you’ll realise what you’ve been lacking. As the vibrant reefs of Havelock Island dazzle through your goggles, you’ll understand why Ringo Starr wrote “Octopus’ Garden.” View the finest corals and deep marine life while experiencing one of the top water sports in Andaman at North Bay Island.

Activity site- North Bay, Jolly Buoy and Elephant Beach 

  • Scuba Diving- Mesmerizing experience 

There are various scuba diving centres in Andaman where you may receive your PADI certification, and no, you do not need to know how to swim. It is just for a much deeper ocean.

Those vibrant corals and enthralling sea life are waiting for you.

Scuba diving in Andaman is an ideal water recreation for non-swimmers. Divers, on the other hand, may go diving at any time of year. This is one activity in Andaman that is available all year. The beautiful marine life may be seen amid the world’s awesome water bodies, vivid fish, and spectacular reefs.

Activity site- Elephant Beach

  • Kayaking- A must-try activity 

Kayaking is one of the greatest water activities to do when visiting Andaman. Because the area is bordered by streams and the ocean, it is best visited by paddling a kayak and sailing through deep jungles and lonely islands. As you paddle deep into the mangrove the chirping and peace will take you to heaven for some moment and you can race as well amongst your fellows. Kayaking allows visitors to get a look at the natural geological formations.

Activity Site– Havelock Island and Mayabunder 

  • Jet skiing- Speed in the oceans 

If you are a speed lover then here is something furious for you. Feel the rush as you move into the oceans haphazardly. The Jet Ski ride in Andaman is unquestionably the most exciting adventure activity! However, the recreation is only enjoyable when the weather is nice. Jet skiing in Andaman might be risky during heavy rain or a thunderstorm. Riding a jet ski is a memorable experience.

Activity Site– Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex

  • Glass Bottom Boating 

Get ready for a close encounter with the marine that too in the comfort of a boat. Glass bottom boating consists of small boats with glass bases that allow you to see the marine life as it cruises through the sea. This water activity is quite popular in Port Blair. Glass bottom boat trips are available from the Water Sports Complex to North Bay Coral Island and from Port Blair to Jolly Buoy Island. It is an unforgettable experience and one of the best marine activities in Andaman.

Activity site– Northern Bay Beach

  • Under Water Walking- Stroll in the sea 

Another very enjoyable thrill sport in Andaman is underwater walking. There is no knowledge necessary, no difficult equipment to operate, and you get to stroll on the clean and neat sand of the seabed while wearing a helmet that provides a close-up view of the underwater environment. Explore the unimagined sea depth and the oceanic beauty.

Activity site- Northern Bay and Havelock Island 

  • Parasailing 

Another fantastic water activity in Andaman that non-swimmers may enjoy. Parasailing is a fantastic combination of water and flying adventure. You’re tethered to a speedboat and secured in a parachute. So you soar after the boat as it races out into the water like a kite. It’s so exciting! While parasailing, you may also be able to take a plunge in the water. Andaman water sports are a well-known and fascinating activity.

Activity site- Rajiv Gandhi Water sports Complex

  • Some easy-peasy activities but fun loaded 

Many people don’t like the thrills and speed so Andaman offers activities that are kind of simple and easy but equally soothing i.e. sports fishing or angling, you can go swimming as water is crystal clear, A seaplane ride is also salient fun for elderly people.

Activity sites- Port Blair, Shyam Nagar, Havelock, and a few other places

And the list of sporting activities goes on like this but these are the most thrilling and sough-after drills in the Andaman. These activities are not just fading moments but everlasting fun and joy in your life.

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