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FAQs About Purchasing Alcohol in the UAE

Purchasing alcohol in the UAE can be interesting. There is a good collection of beer, wine, and spirits on offer in the emirate. However, getting it from an online liquor store in Abu Dhabi is a different matter. There are rules and requirements to follow, most of which can be surprising to first-time buyers.

Read on to learn more about buying spirits in the UAE.

Who can buy alcohol in the UAE?

The rules and regulations when buying and consuming alcohol in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have relaxed a little.

The system in Abu Dhabi, which required residents to acquire a Ministry of Interior liquor permit to possess or consume alcohol, has ended. To buy spirits, residents must be at least 21 years old and must purchase for personal consumption – not for resale. Moreover, you can only drink alcohol in private homes and licensed areas.

In Dubai, non-Muslims are no longer required to have plastic red cards handed out by the police to purchase alcohol. Instead, they need to carry black cards, which they can get only by presenting their Emirati national ID.

Even UAE visitors are not required to apply for a permit anymore. Instead, they only need to present their passports to buy alcohol.

Moreover, the UAE now allows home deliveries for spirits bought online.

How to buy liquor online?

Here’s how you can buy liquor online in the UAE:

Step 1: Find an authorised seller and browse through their products.

Step 2: If you want to buy an item, click the “Add to Cart” button. You may add everything you want to buy and make your final buying decision later.

Step 3: View your virtual cart and decide which item you want to purchase. Make the necessary adjustments, such as your desired quantity.

Step 4: Tick the “Proceed to Checkout” button.

Step 5: Review the summary of your order. If you need to make additional modifications, just go back to your virtual cart and do so. Otherwise, proceed to choose your preferred payment and delivery method.

Step 6: Tick on the “Confirm Order” button. The seller will then send an order confirmation to your email to validate the success of your purchase.

For some online retailers of liquor and wine like African + Eastern AUH, you will be asked to sign in first to your account before you can browse through their offerings. And when checking out, you need to verify your phone number, especially if you are buying alcohol for the first time.

Generally, the delivery team will contact you once your order arrives at your preferred location. Make sure to carry a valid ID with you because they can only release the parcel upon presenting your valid ID.

Why buy liquor online?

Here are the perks of buying spirits online in the UAE.


Shopping online is convenient, so much so that more and more people are purchasing everything from electronics and clothes. So why not add alcohol to that mix?

With some online liquor stores offering same-day delivery, you can have a glass of your preferred wine a couple of hours after successfully submitting your order online. The ability to buy alcohol whenever you long for a drink has become easier with online shopping.

Significant savings

Besides letting you save on your travel costs, some online liquor stores offer better pricing on their products. That includes their high-quality stock, too. Thus, you are guaranteed to receive the best possible rates on your preferred bottle of liquor.

Moreover, some online liquor sellers offer amazing discounts and deals to show their loyalty and appreciation towards their customers. If you become a loyal shopper, expect to receive great deals and offers in your store account or email whenever you visit their website.

Wider selection

Unlike physical stores that are often restricted by space, online liquor shops can convey a wider selection of wine, beer, and spirits. This means that you can have access to a more extensive inventory of liquor online, which increases the likelihood of buying what you are looking for.

New and rare varieties

When buying online, liquor stores often ask their customers about what they are looking for. From that conversation, they can help you make specific purchases that suit your taste and preferences. They can give you an entirely different selection of wines, spirits, and brews you did not know existed. 

Moreover, online liquor stores are the best place to look if you are searching for bottles that are hard to track down.

Easily compare and contrast

Online liquor shops will provide you with expert advice regarding all the aspects of your drinks. By comparing and contrasting different bottles, you will know the unique qualities of each bottle. Such information is highly valuable and can help you quickly decide which bottle to buy. You may also look into the different grades and quality of bottles that industry experts have reviewed so you can make the right buying decision.


Alcoholic beverages can make any day or occasion more relaxing and fun, so buying a bottle should not be stressful. Luckily, you can check out online liquor stores and have your order delivered whenever you want.

Be mindful of these FAQs about buying and consuming alcohol in the UAE and drink responsibly!


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