Fashion Trends That Will Be Making A Comeback in 2022

Fashion Life Cycle

Back in the 90s, when I was significantly younger and had fewer bags under my eyes, my mother used to tell me that fashion was a cycle. The bell-bottoms and tie-dye that I was wearing were not, in fact, products of the great minds of 90s fashion but had been a hit in the 70s, to begin with. The peasant tops and cutoff denims that I ran around in on the weekends were nothing new; they were a fashion comeback from when she was my age. I’m not sure why this idea offended me so much, but it did. ME, wear something not entirely original? Perish the thought! She must be wrong, as all mothers obviously are. Well, now that I’ve lived some life and loved fashion for many decades, I can tell you unequivocally that my mother was correct…but don’t tell her I said that. Fashion is cyclical: everything from the shape you wear in women’s jeans to the cut of your winter coat to the toe shape of your current favorite pair of boots has been seen before. Human beings have made pretty much every kind of clothing you can make; now, what remains, is to re-imagine our favorites from past decades and slip them into our wardrobes in a way that works for us. Of course, there are fashion geniuses out there making incredible original works for the runway: McQueen, Mugler, and Westwood. These are not usually creations that can be pulled off on the street in everyday life, and even fashion mavericks like them are influenced by everything around them, past trends included.

Join us as we take a trip down memory lane and check out a few past trends that we predict will be making a comeback in 2022.


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We cheated a bit with this one because the trend is already in full swing. Remember the chunky Steve Maddens of the 90s? Well, that chunky look is back, and it’s elevating the flat shoe once again. The loafer has also returned in its sleek, Gucci-esque form and as a moccasin; no surprises there. These shoes are comfortable and very easy to style: pair them with loose-fit slacks for Saturday brunch or with stocking socks and a pleated mini for a night out with the girls.


They’re comfy, they’re cozy, they’re cute: they’re cardigans. The humble “cardi”, as the English refer to it, is a versatile piece that really takes the stress out of layering. If you like to show a little skin or keep things surprising, you could style a cardigan with just a bra underneath and pop a few extra buttons for a little flair. If you’re into a more traditional look, layer a cardigan with a collared shirt and winter coat: those lines draw the eye downwards, creating a sleek silhouette and put-together look.


Many designers are leaning towards color and playful prints, even in the colder months. The current color and print trends are most likely a response to the difficult years the world has just faced. Designers and fashion enthusiasts want to have a little fun and step away from bland wear or work from home wear. You can take the “less is more” approach and feature a print on an accessory, or pair it with other solid color items, or the “more is more” approach  go for a power clashing look.


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Wait, did hats ever go out of style? We don’t think so, but even if they did, they’re back! The world of hats is a wide and wonderful one, so it might take a little time for you to find the right shape and style for you. Don’t be daunted! There is a hat out there for everyone. It’s the perfect way to pull an outfit together: the cherry on top of a hot outfit sundae. And to add a little bit of more style to your hats, you can also pair them with customized enamel pins. Enamel pins are a great way to show off your unique style and personality, and they’re also very easy to switch out and change up. You can put them on your hat, your purse, or your jacket: anywhere you want!

The Collar

Peter pan, popped, lace, you name it; the collar is back in a big way! Think Blair Waldorf in the 2000s, and you’ll get the idea. A standout collar is a great way to jazz up your style if you feel it’s a little too simple but don’t want to make any radical changes either. For those scared to commit to a radically collared shirt, there are standalone collars available as well. Just be sure to either perfectly match or completely change the color of your collar to match or clash with your shirt.


Image by Карина Каржавина via Pexels

Printed Tights

While the simple stocking has been in for a while now, that playful move back to exciting garments that we mentioned earlier has finally infiltrated the world of hosiery. We are seeing spotted and floral tights on fashion week attendees worldwide and on a few runways too. Keep an eye on the shelves for a pair when the weather starts to turn.

Wrap Up

The word “trend” scares many people away, but a trend is simply an idea presented to you by the fashion community. It’s a new (or re-made) and exciting idea for you to pick and choose from and to incorporate into your wardrobe however you see fit. So enjoy these revival trends: who knows, you might find your new favorite!


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