Features and Benefits of Professional Lighting Picture Rails

Features and Benefits of Professional Lighting: Picture Rails 

Luminaires on a movable rail, light generation modules on a ceiling rail, searchlights on a busbar – these all are about picture rails. These lighting systems are very popular in targeted commercial applications. They can be mounted on the same busbar, change the direction of the light flux, vary color arrangements, and select devices of different brightness.

The main thing is a picture rail filling

The newest and most fashionable are LED track lights. It is not surprising, because this particular category of equipment is designed only on the basis of LED lamps. In the case of aluminum or lacquered steel, LED light sources are concentrated.

The picture rail hanging system advantages are:

  • the light from the spotlight not only concentrates on the desired area but can also be scattered at a wide angle when choosing a model with a movable reflector;
  • with track lights, it will be possible to achieve the effect of intimacy, when only one zone from a spacious room is visually isolated.

They are in demand in exhibitions, museums, galleries, and premises of any layout, and with different interior finishes.

No binding to the installation site

The main rule for the successful acquisition of a track light is the choice of a model with a movable hinge. The radiation flux from such devices can change to 360 °, and it is easy to direct it to the desired area. Many models of picture rails have an optical part of several reflectors. Their high reflectivity and different light propagation angles provide versatility in applications.

Moreover, such systems are easy to install on the ceiling and walls, cabinets, and other surfaces. The modules are quite light in weight, they will not create a significant load on the floor. Most often, designers demonstrate the technicality of a picture rail, but there are options for disguising them behind finishing materials. Only ceiling lamps with a reflector remain visible, and the tire is mounted in architectural ledges on the ceiling or in the wall.

Professional picture rails: Universal design of track lights

Track spotlights are made laconic, somewhat ascetic. A picture rail hanging system doesn’t have decorative elements. The simple case made of metal, painted in monochrome colors, can be easily attached to the power rail by means of brackets and holders. Such a design will be appropriate in various modern stylistic concepts because it has features characteristic of the loft style, hi-tech, techno, and futurism.

Track-type systems are quite suitable for organizing basic functional lighting and decorative purposes. At the same time, the tasks of decoration are assigned not to the appearance of the spotlights, but to their ability to generate light of the desired luminescence spectrum. If you choose picture rail models with multi-colored diodes, you can create an amusing picture of lighting in space with bright spots and streams-rays.

Why choose a picture rail hanging system?

Office premises, shop windows, trading floors, exhibition pavilions, advertising boards, and museums – track-type lamps are indispensable in commercial lighting systems. Such a wide scope of application is explained by the undeniable advantages of using picture rails:

  • long-term fitness;
  • versatility of installation;
  • high light intensity;
  • strength;
  • efficiency (no operating costs, minimized energy consumption);
  • slight change in the glow vector when changing priority accents.

If according to the design idea, you want to create an exhibition of trendy modern lighting devices at home, you will definitely need a picture rail hanging system!






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