FIFA 23 Brings Improvements To The Defending Gameplay

FIFA 23 gameplay comes with goalkeeper updates that add more interactions, a new move, and defensive positioning enhancements with new features.

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Goalkeeper Updates and Defensive Positioning in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 updates the goalkeepers’ line of sight. These players will react slower if other players block their vision. This modification adds more realism to games. It creates more challenging and authentic situations. Reflex and reaction are the stats on which the goalkeeper’s ability to save in relation to the line of sight depends. Goalkeepers will have increased throw speed and better accuracy. More effective trajectories are part of the upcoming EA SPORTS FIFA game. The driven roll is a goalkeeper move that’s similar to the driven throw. To execute this move, you need to use R1 and X or RB and A. Thanks to the advanced match capture system, we will have more new save animations. Gestures that define a goalkeeper’s personality are part of the updates too. You can see the FIFA 23 goalkeepers adjusting their gloves, reacting to various situations, and giving instructions. Along with AI enhancements, the new game also has defensive positioning updates and a new feature. You can do a partial team press when you double tap and hold R1 or RB. This move sends two footballers to mark the passing options of the opponent. This is a high-risk high-reward action because you can put your players out of position. Your footballers will mark until the button is released or their stamina runs out. The two sides of the tactical depth have more differentiation between them. Higher depth squads keep the defensive line high. They are faster to push up in case of a retreat from the opponent. Lower depth squads sit deeper and don’t push up. The defensive awareness quickness is an attribute that impacts how fast defending players can return to their position if they are outside of the zone they want to cover. Defenders that have a higher defensive awareness quickness will have an easier time recovering and closing down spaces.

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