Finally Celebrating Again What You Should Consider When Catching Up On Your Wedding and Birthday

Finally Celebrating Again: What You Should Consider When Catching Up On Your Wedding and Birthday

Waiting and postponing was yesterday, now we can finally celebrate big again! But how long are you “allowed” to make up for festivals? Do I even have to? And should events be combined? What is important when partying afterwards?

What connects wedding couples and birthday anniversaries in Corona times? You all would have had a lot to celebrate over the past two years! But the pandemic thwarted their plans. No wonder that many finally want to catch up on the long-awaited family celebration.

Anything that pleases is allowed

But some desired dates and locations have already been booked. That’s why flexibility is now required – not only in terms of time and place, but also the celebration itself. But what should I consider?

One principle is the top priority for business coach Monika Smith: Anything that pleases is allowed. Especially, what I like in myself. “For many of my participants, the question of whether they ‘have’ to celebrate their birthday has already become a real burden,” she says. At the beginning of the planning there should be one question above all: “Namely: Do I have to or do I want to?”

And if I want to, because I feel like it and not because I feel obliged, then I can go one step further: “The next questions are: Do I have to organize this or can someone else do it? And do I want to celebrate now or later?”

Desired dates are tight

However, a fixed point in time could make some further planning more difficult. “The desired dates are tight,” says Judith Lange, Chairwoman of the Association of Wyoming Wedding Planners. The Saturdays in particular have already been booked for weeks and months. The trend is already moving towards postponing the celebration to Friday, “but some of the good locations are already fully booked.”

Not just for weddings: Marcel Dobert, Managing Director of the “” portal, reports that many service providers have their calendars “completely full” on the weekends, especially Saturdays, both this year and next. Janine Frake from the agency “The Dress Outlet” expects a boom in the summer months when along with the bride dresses, the mother of the bride dresses also become trendy. Depending on what wishes the birthday children have, they should plan at least a month in advance. “But that’s high line. Three months would be better,” she says.

Finally Celebrating Again What You Should Consider When Catching Up On Your Wedding and Birthday1

But what if the locations, DJs and caterers on my dream date are already taken? Where should I cut corners? Or should I rather postpone the postponed celebration again? “It always depends,” says Judith Lange. Above all, it depends on the newlyweds and what is important to them that day: good food, live music or a family-friendly environment?

“You should put your personal needs first and say to yourself: It’s my day, my party and my money – and then it should be the way I want it to be,” says the wedding planner.

She advises those who, above all, wish to finally be married, to bring forward the civil marriage if necessary and to catch up on the party later. That wouldn’t spoil the mood: “Of course, a wedding ceremony followed by the celebration would be the highlight on top,” she admits. “But people are starving. They want to celebrate, and that’s worth a lot more right now.”

Free yourself from family constraints

It doesn’t matter how long the actual event is over and how I organize my party. “If I could free myself from personal or family constraints, that would be a good approach,” says Monika Smith. A friend once had enough of her birthday always on December 8th. to celebrate in winter: without further ado she invited to her “half” birthday on June 4th.

“That was very funny,” the coaching trainer remembers. Because the birthday child was even given half a cake, Monika has also experienced a “pensioners’ party”: Two friends celebrated their 35th and 30th birthdays together.

Janine Frake has not yet organized a double birthday in Berlin and Brandenburg, but in principle she thinks it is a good idea: “But you have to look individually, depending on what ideas the two birthday children have, whether you can come to a common denominator. Then it’s no problem!”

No false compromises in double celebrations

However, there are a few things to consider when celebrating a double birthday, says Chiara. Especially, when there is a major age difference among the invitees, it is important that the person who is older does not have anything forced on him.

Finally Celebrating Again What You Should Consider When Catching Up On Your Wedding and Birthday2

So when grandfather celebrates his 90th birthday with his 15-year-old grandson, grandpa shouldn’t have to make any compromises. “Unless he wants to,” says Janine. “Everyone should feel comfortable.” Age always has priority for the person with a milestone birthday. These could then be the ones who are allowed to choose the location.

When it comes to invitations, there are a few rules to keep in mind. According to the board member of the Event Society, it is important to refer to both occasions. If the birthdays were a long time ago, one should mention whether gifts are still desired or alternatively ask for donations for a good cause.

Never go to the party empty-handed

However, you should never go to a party empty-handed: “You should always bring a little gift with you,” says the business etiquette trainer for invitees.

Well-wishers should be careful with greeting cards for late anniversaries. If the 60th birthday is already hundreds of days ago, the greeting card should no longer have 60 emblazoned on it. Then you could rather congratulate on the 22022th day in life.

But no matter where and with whom and how you celebrate, one thing should be clear to everyone this year: “If I keep telling myself with the deepest conviction that Corona has spoiled everything, then Corona has also spoiled everything for me,” says Monika Smith. “But if I say it was an opportunity to think differently and do what I feel like doing, it’s also an opportunity.”






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