Finding the right type of game for your personality

Many see gaming as an immature pastime that we should grow out of, causing some of us to stop playing as we get older and negatively judge those who play still enjoy it. However, recent studies have proven that there are plenty of benefits that come with gaming, no matter your age, from stress relief to anger management. There are hundreds of different types of games, so there is something for everyone, it is simply a question of choosing the right game for you. So here are the best games for each personality type.


Extroverts are described as people who enjoy a fast-paced life full of different tasks and new experiences. They get a lot of energy and joy from being around other people, believing that everything is more fun when surrounded by others. Truthfully, this kind of person will enjoy most games, but board games like Monopoly with friends and family suit them perfectly, as they’re usually full of plenty of laughs and randomness.


Introverts are the polar opposite to extroverts; they enjoy being alone or with smaller groups of people. Introverted people like to take their time with things and focus on one task at a time. Real-time strategy games are perfect for introverts as they allow players to plan methodically before putting ideas to the test in the heat of the moment. These games help players improve their planning, organisation and multitasking skills. There are some options for the gamenerdz and the crazy game geeks who portray common traits of being introverts. These games of course, help them become more social by gaining confidence with every win.


Flexible people who like to act as they please, never ruling out options or making fixed decisions, are known as perceivers. They are very adaptable people who judge situations contextually. Card and table games are perfect for this type of person, as the constantly changing scenarios force players to use their perception skills in games such as blackjack and roulette, available at the online casino, allowing you to play from anywhere and at any time.


People described as intuitive are those who are able to spot patterns quickly and are skilled at problem solving, often finding creative solutions that seem impossible to those who don’t think like them. These people are well suited to puzzle games like Tetris or Candy Crush, which are also great for brain development, as they push you to solve problems under pressure by thinking beyond what you can see.


Sensors are described as pragmatic people who like to concentrate on facts and details rather than feelings. They typically have high levels of common sense and find practical solutions for things. Number games like Sudoku are perfect for these people, as they allow them to make the most of their analytical skills. Other great examples include Kakuro, A Magic Square and Kenken.

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Thinkers are logical people who try to make decisions based on the information at hand rather than creativity or imagination. They look at things objectively and analytically, weighing up positives and negatives. Word games like Scrabble or the recent phenomenon Wordle are perfect for thinkers, as they push them to maximise their virtues while also promoting creativity and perception.


People described as Judgers are well prepared and organized people who like to meticulously organise every aspect of their lives while judging those who don’t. Tactical games are perfect for this kind of person as they are usually focused on careful planning and tactics rather than constant competition. Battleship is the most obvious example of this kind of game, but nowadays you can find PC titles like Into the Breach, XCOM 2 and Crusader Kings.


Feelers are sensitive people who are always considerate of the feelings of others. They are caring people with strong moral and social values which allow them to work well in a team, either as a member or a leader. Cooperative games are perfect for Feelers as they allow them to put their social skills to good use as they galvanise a team and lead them to glory.


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