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Fitbit Alta HR Bands

Fitbit Alta HR Bands

Fitbit Alta health tracker is one of the finest you can get. There are several fitness products to select from. After trying them all out, the Fitbit Alta HR fitness tracker is indeed one to reckon with. 

It offers nearly identical capabilities as the Fitbit Charge 2 but is twenty-five percent thinner and has a longer standby time. In addition, the Alta HR features a constant heart rate monitor and standard phone alerts, and it is a terrific fitness mate after several days of use.

The Fitbit Alta HR Band is now the Most Popular Option

The Fitbit Alta HR fitness tracker is an easy pick for anybody looking for a fitness band because of its extended battery capacity, constant heartbeat monitoring, and elegant appearance. The only thing it lacks is a water-proof feature, which is currently available on Fitbit’s Flex 2. 

Nonetheless, for most users, the Fitbit Alta HR bands are the perfect option. It’s simple enough for novices to utilize, and it’s sufficiently flexible to accommodate different wrist sizes.

It isn’t the most feature-rich tracker on the market, but it hits the right mix. Other complex Fitbit smartwatches may debut in the future (here). But right now, this is the finest fitness band of the lot.

Heart Rate Monitor with Fancy Band

Fitbit’s cardiac rate monitoring is now available in a snugger fit. 

The Alta HR is identical original Alta in size and includes exact capabilities, plus it features the ability to track cardiac rate. In addition, calories burnt, distance, steps, active times, and sleep can all be tracked. 

Hit the Alta HR’s casing below the display to see these numbers (the screen is not sensitive to touch, but you achieve some results with hard taps). Sadly, unlike the Fitbit Charge 2, this product does not support stair running or include a “Relax” feature.

Calendar notifications, text messages, and incoming calls will be shown on the device’s tiny monochromatic display, which will serve as an aides-memoire to move throughout the day. However, like the original Alta, these alerts might be hard to read because of the tiny screen.

During the day, the cardiac rate sensor on your wrist monitors heartbeat at five-second interims. It is the same as the Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Charge 2, except that each of them can manually commence exercises, increasing the sample beat to once per second. 

A chart of all-day heartbeat and resting heartbeat is available in the Fitbit application. Also, it gives you a cardiovascular fitness score that is unique to you. This very rating premiered on the Fitbit Charge 2 and will be coming to Fitbit the Blaze soon. 

It’s a calculation of your general health predicated on the maximum amount of oxygen you can use during intense exercise also because of strong.

A Fashionable Fitness Tracker with an Extended Back-Up Power

The Alta HR is compatible with a broad range of interchangeable fitness trackers. There are rubberized types in a variety of colors and metal and leather that are a lot more attractive. The original Alta’s straps will function with the Alta HR fitness tracker (and conversely). Interchangeable wristbands also reduce the amount of wear on the Fitbit gadget itself.

The fitness tracker is backward-compliant. However, the custom charging cord that clips on is not. Fortunately, there’s no need to recharge it frequently. The Alta HR can run for seven days on a full charge, which is somewhat surprising considering its compact size.

A Fantastic Application

It’s just as vital to have great software as it is to have robust hardware, and Fitbit’s application is one of the finest. It’s simple to utilize, and it comes with novel features like the connection with its Fitstar training application, which includes a variety of training plans for diverse fitness intensities.

The vastness of the Fitbit ecosystem is one of the best parts of the program. It has a huge number of users (about 23.2 million) and provides a range of weekly tasks to compete with family members and friends. These tasks will help users stay productive and energetic, and it is one of the main reasons many people use the Fitbit ecosystem. 

According to the company, users take seven hundred more steps when their friends are on Fitbit and over two thousand steps when participating in a contest.

Fitbit’s latest Sleep Stages function is also available on the Alta HR fitness tracker for the first time. It’ll assess when you are in the light, deep, and REM sleep phases, as well as provide insights into your sleeping patterns instead of simply monitoring how much you’ve slept. 

What is Absent Versus the Fitbit Charge 2?

Both the Fitbit Charge 2 and the Alta HR fitness tracker have identical pricing. In addition, they both include cardiovascular monitors, monitor your health throughout the day, and show basic alerts. So, what differentiates these two?

The Fitbit Charge 2 includes an in-built stopwatch and numerous exercise modes for recording different workouts, like running, bicycling, Zumba, sprints, and more; the Alta HR fitness tracker depends on automated exercise tracking. 

The automated mode, which is also available on Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Charge 2, functions always. But it periodically misses or incorrectly classifies an exercise, which you can correct afterward in the Fitbit application.

The Alta HR fitness tracker also lacks an altimeter. Hence, it will not track how the number of stair flights you climbed per day, as well as the Charge 2’s, assisted breathing times. However, these are not significant trade-offs.

If these characteristics are essential to you, purchase the Fitbit Charge 2. However, the Alta HR fitness tracker’s compact size and longer standby time are more beneficial for most users.


The Alta HR fitness tracker band is the ideal fitness monitor for most enthusiasts because of its extended standby time, beautiful appearance, and improved mobile software.

It comes with exact pricing as the Fitbit Charge 2 at AU$250, £130, or $150. The Fitbit Charge 2’s additional features are isn’t worth it for most users. If you want to monitor your exercises or have a stopwatch actively, Fitbit Charge 2 is the fitness device to acquire. Else, go with the Fitbit Alta HR fitness tracker. 


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