Five Dream-Like Designs for Your Baby Cots

Are you looking for an ideal place for your new baby to sleep? Put your mind at ease by building one of these stylish and handcrafted cots for your child.

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Here are plans and instructions for four woodworking projects. Your outcomes will make you safe and solid.

1.   Farm to Nursery

The frame, composed of bare pine boards, has a rustic appearance thanks to its V-shaped design of mitered planks on the side, joined by wooden glue and finish nails. Once the crib has been built, cover it with a natural, rustic stain & polyurethane solution to avoid possibly dangerous chemicals.

2.   High Life

Switching from a cot to a kid’s bed can be challenging for kids and parents. The cosy walnut frame of the crib will keep your priceless cargo secure and peaceful. Maple spindles & angled sides give the tall cot a contemporary yet rustic character.

3.   Co-Sleeper

Encouraging your kid to sleep in bed with you would be prohibited and viewed as unsafe by medical professionals. Kids who sleep close to their mothers may rest more efficiently and grow more confident. What is the remedy? An adjacent to your bed co-sleeper. Easy?

The front, rear, legs, and rail guard can all be made from pre-drilled and pre-cut scrap planks of wood. Your sleeping beauty is accessible and is safely confined on 3 sides.

4.   Batter Up

You’ll hit home runs for your child with this brilliant baseball-themed bed. A cheap online purchase from a factory of bats yielded 24 imperfect baseball bats, which were used to make the stylish sleeper’s railing protection. Cheap pine wooden boards are used to construct the rest of the framework for the do-it-yourself crib.

5.   Head In The Clouds

Why not upgrade a plain crib, whether a basic or a hand-me-down one purchased from a store, with a charming and comfortable headboard if a carpentry project isn’t in the cards right now?

The inventive blogger used a blueprint to recreate the contours of her current crib, after which she carefully measured and cut the MDF board. The tuft was simply affixed, adorned with cloth buttons, and comes from a standard mattress cover. This cot is your answer if you want to foster a love of reasonably priced luxury in a child. It is plush, fashionable, and economical.


Over the weekend, you can custom-make the crib of your dreams. Choose the project that suits you, and add lullabies. Upgrade your furniture to accommodate new additions. Check out this four-seater dining table.

Over the weekend, you can custom-make the crib of your dreams using only a few select materials and a little ingenuity. Choose the project that best suits you, and then simply add lullabies!


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