Five Sales Practices to Quit And Five Practices to Adopt

Everyone makes mistakes, so do the salespersons. If you are a salesperson, you should be aware of sales methods that can increase or decrease your sales.

What to avoid?

Ponder upon the following factors of decreased sale and avoid the following mistakes at all costs:

Pitching Products:

Remember this: prospects do not care about your products or services as much as they do about your solutions. You need to solve their problems and ease their difficulties. You can do this by providing them the appropriate solutions.

Talking Too Much Without Listening:

Instead of promoting your product and explaining how good your service can be, hear the prospects out. Listen to them, pay attention and then ask questions.

Unbelievably but everyone avoids getting involved with pushy people.


Never beg the prospects if they are unwilling to accept your proposal. If you kept on asking and begging them, they would look at you pathetically. They will see your offer as of low value.

Therefore, only give away proposals to qualified prospects.

Focus on value:

Usually, salespersons focus on price and not value. What you need to remember is that people care about value, not price.

Offering prospects discounts, giving out special promotions will take you nowhere. These can only provide you temporary gratifications.

Price seems to be a decisive factor as prospects continuously ask for discounts. But, the customers will turn their back on you when they find a tempting offer elsewhere.


If you cannot keep a promise, why make it in the first place?  Exaggeration is just another form of lying. Unbelievable but, it is indeed better to make no sales than to make a dishonest one.

Now you know the ugly mistakes a salesperson makes. Therefore, accept these mistakes and bring change to yourself. A salesperson should never be afraid of facing objections.

What To Adopt?

Following are the steps you should keep in mind while dealing with prospects:


Wrong questions can bring the deal to a standstill. Ask the right questions. That is what SPIN means.

You should ask four different types of questions to spark interest in prospects and push them in the right direction.


These kinds of questions lay the foundation. Understand the situation of the prospect and offer them what they need.


Asking this type of question enables prospects to figure out the problems that need solutions.


These types of questions focus on the negative effect of the problems and the urgency for their solutions.


These types of questions push the prospects to realize the value of solutions.


Customers need to make three decisions before they decide to work with you:


Relay only relevant information to them to access them.


If the customers are ready to hear you out, show them the value of your offer.


At this stage, the prospect will decide what resources to choose.

Challenger Selling:

  • Keep the meetings short, as prospects do not have time to go through all greetings.
  • Deal every prospect according to their personality.
  • Relay only relevant info.
  • Do not use the aggressive tune.

Turn the tables around and focus on value if a prospect is losing interest

Sandler selling:

Act as a reliable and trustworthy salesperson. A seller should focus on the following three levels of pain;

  • Technical
  • Business-financial impact
  • Personal interest

Solution Selling:

This technique allows salespersons to act as a consultant. They ask questions to know what the prospect needs. This technique follows six principles: For generating interactive documents and other features in salesforce, you can use Interactive documents for Salesforce

  • Research
  • Ask
  • Listen
  • Teach
  • Qualify
  • Close

Lastly, the use of sales enablement tools should also be adopted to streamline the entire process. There are different types of sales enablement tools available. Choose the one that suits your business. The right thing to do is to make a list of the best sales enablement tools, compare their services and rates, read reviews and then finalize one of them. The use of the right sales enablement tool will provide your salesforce with valuable information and help them generate more leads, leading to improved revenue for your business.


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