Four Claw Platinum Solitaire Round Shape Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Solitaire rings are one of the classic styles of lab diamond rings claws. Derived from the Latin, meaning ‘alone or sole,’ these rings feature just one diamond or gemstone at their canter.

Natural diamonds are more expensive than lab created ones, making them a good option for couples on a tight budget. However, it remains uncertain if lab created diamonds will have resale values comparable to natural ones.

1. Centre Stone

This Four Claw Platinum Solitaire Round Shape buy lab diamonds Engagement Ring features the stunning canter stone: a 2.78ct elongated radiant lab grown diamond that’s set in an elegant four claw setting to maximize its light reflecting properties.

This ring features a stylish 2.00mm band, giving it that extra edge you need. Plus, it showcases the latest in lab grown diamond technology – an effective, eco-friendly alternative to mined diamonds.

All rings are expertly handmade to order in NYC, with the canter diamond laser set for maximum security and precision. A master craftsman polishes and inspects the metal to give your ring its full lustre potential, followed by rounds of steam and ultrasonic cleaning to bring out its full shine from within.

2. Band

Solitaire engagement rings are timeless classics in the diamond world due to their simplicity and beauty. They make an eye-catching statement with your centre diamond.

These classic rings offer a timeless aesthetic and will become an heirloom piece for both of you. Additionally, they are the most cost-effective option when selecting a diamond engagement ring.

For a timeless round diamond solitaire ring, this four claw platinum ring is the ideal option. It will surely catch everyone’s attention with its sparkling IGI certified lab grown diamond.

These lab created diamonds are physically and chemically identical to mined diamonds, GIA certified and independently verified by rigorous international IGI criteria. As a result, they’re more cost effective than natural diamonds while offering resale value that’s comparable to mined stones.

3. Claws

Classic ring settings with claws hold the diamond securely without restricting its exposure. This allows more light to pass through and magnify its sparkle, creating a more vibrant stone.

When selecting a claw setting for your engagement ring, you must decide how many claws are desired. Depending on the shape of the diamond you select, typically princess cut diamonds require 4 claws in order to be securely held in place.

Four claw settings are a popular choice for round diamonds, offering them an angular shape while showcasing more of the stone’s surface. This style, also referred to as a half-round claw, has been popular with major brand houses for decades.

4. Setting

Your engagement ring setting is the first decision you need to make when selecting your diamond, and it can make all the difference in its appearance. Select a setting that best suits your budget, style and lifestyle.

A bezel setting is one of the most sought-after ring settings and surrounds your diamond with a thin metal rim custom-made to hold it in place. This type of setting makes it an excellent choice for active individuals who need protection against diamonds falling out or chipping.

Another popular ring setting is the channel setting. This secure setting holds small diamonds or other gemstones in a row to form a metal channel flush with the shank of the ring.

This setting is ideal for stackable rings and wedding bands, as it has a snag-free design. Additionally, you can add additional diamonds or coloured gemstones for even more sparkle!


The Four Claw Platinum Solitaire Round Shape Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring is an exquisite piece of jewellery that combines traditional elegance with modern technology. Its stunning round shape lab grown diamond is set in a four claw setting, maximizing its light reflecting properties to create a radiant sparkle. This eco-friendly alternative to mined diamonds is not only more cost-effective, but also offers comparable resale value. The band measures 2.00mm and is expertly handmade to order in NYC for maximum durability and shine. Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary style, this ring is an excellent choice for anyone looking for timeless beauty and exceptional quality.

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