Four Compelling Reasons to Move to an Independent Living Community

Perhaps you’ve been struggling to cope with living at home for the last few days, weeks or months, in the context of daily household chores, meal preparation, or managing the bills, or because you feel isolated and more than a little lonely?

Instead, maybe you’re more than capable of keeping a clean, tidy, and entirely functional home, but you no longer want to waste your time each day running household errands.

Regardless of the motivations behind your research into independent living communities, you’ve most definitely clicked on the right article. Here are four compelling reasons to move to an independent living community.

1. Freedom

Freedom is, unequivocally, the most important element of anyone’s life, regardless of their age and perhaps the greatest benefit of moving to an independent living community of them all is the heightened level of freedom you’ll have.

Instead of spending the morning, for example, sorting through all your household bills, you’ll have the free time to pursue your own interests, hobbies, and pastimes.

2. A Boost to Your Physical Health

The professionally trained, friendly, and approachable staff members at Avista Senior Living in St. George all work together to ensure the physical well-being and emotional health of their residents.

When moving to a thriving independent living community, you can work in conjunction with the medical staff, team members, activity leaders, and of course, your fellow residents, to try new and exciting ways of exercising which you truly connect with and enjoy.

Furthermore, many independent living communities also boast fitness instructors, on-site professional nutritionists, and other healthcare professionals who can help you improve your physical health.

3. The Ultimate Vacation

Another great advantage of moving from your current home into an independent living community is the fact that you’re released of any responsibilities when it comes to working, household maintenance, and dates in your diary which you’re not looking forward to.

Think of an independent living community as the ultimate in vacations, with the power to choose exactly what you want to do every day, from choosing a day of relaxing in an outdoor space on your own with a picnic to deciding to join other residents on a day trip to the coast.

Elements of living before the move that’ll no longer be a necessary consideration include:

  • Car maintenance and costs (unless you want to keep your vehicle)
  • Home modifications and maintenance costs
  • Multiple bills constantly increasing
  • Too many expenses to be able to enjoy your life

4. New Friendships & Bonds

The fourth and final most fabulous benefit of making the decision to move to a thriving independent living community, either local to where you currently live or nearer to friends and family members across state, is all the new connections, bonds, and friendships you’ll develop.

Socializing is essential for a well-rounded and happy life, and the journey of discovery, both of yourself and your surroundings, you’ll undergo in such a community will be shared with your fellow residents.


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