Four Different Types of Review That Matter for Online Businesses

Businesses in various industries need online reviews for many reasons. Feedback that speaks straight to the potential customer is invaluable for any company’s credibility factor, sales growth, and continuous buyer loyalty.

The fact is that people are more likely to take action on a product if it has been honestly outlined beforehand. However, one thing that consumers may not realize is that not all of these detailed evaluations are created equal. There are several types of reviews available on the web, with each being defined in a slightly different way, such as how Thumbtack reviews is popular with home services professionals and businesses. Here we take a look at some of the most popular.

Product Reviews

First up are product reviews, those that many are familiar with and perhaps the most common type of review to be found on the internet. They are written to give an overview of a specific item or multiple items after they’ve been used by the buyer.

Product reviews are composed and published by the consumer themselves and can include a variety of things depending on what was purchased. For example, a blouse that was bought on an Ecommerce retail site may see customers writing reviews on its size, quality, maintenance care, color, or fit, whereas an electronic device may have reviews concerning the product’s longevity, speed, or design.

Seller Reviews

While product reviews are especially useful tools for examining the potential of any given item, a seller review is one that gives feedback concerning the item’s owner. For example, if a customer purchases a sofa on Amazon, a long string of customer service actions will take place.

The sofa’s seller will eventually be reviewed on things like delivery time, response availability, and if the product arrived in the same state in which it was described by the seller. Seller reviews are just as important as product reviews as they give a holistic look into the experience the buyer will most likely have if they choose to purchase the item.

Amazon is just one example of an Ecommerce business that has managed to increase its sales with both product and seller reviews

Industry-Specific Expert Reviews

As their name suggests, these reviews are essentially feedback that is given by knowledgeable counterparts in a business’s field or industry. After all, interested customers want to know what the experts have to say about a specific product or service before purchasing.

This can be seen in today’s sports betting industry that has infiltrated the digital environment. For example, one Bet365 sportsbook review examines the large online wagering platform and is provided by a different industry leader, Oddschecker. Because another well-established sportsbook is giving the rating, the review is more likely to be trusted by enthusiastic sports fans who are also potential customers.

online shopping clothing mobile phone

To successfully foster consumer interaction, interested shoppers must feel businesses are being honest when it comes to the strengths and weaknesses of products

Influencer Reviews

Influencer reviews are quite new on the scene, but nowadays they can be some of the most important morsels of feedback for any online business. With the explosion of social media platforms like Instagram that draw special attention to followership, more and more consumers are becoming increasingly interested in what these individuals have to say about various items and services.

Because influencers are thought of as today’s major celebrities, when they leave a review, a large pool of a business’s target audience will most likely read it. The ironic part is that this wave of attention can be generated even when the influencer in question is not an expert on the thing they are reviewing.

This just tells you how much power influencers have over buyer behavior. Nowadays, as the trend continues to explode, people have access to many different strategies to increase their followership on Instagram. One thing is for certain, their name definitely reigns true as some of the most influential members of our modern-day society.


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