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With several Asian slots under their belt, Pragmatic Play partner Wild Streak Gaming has turned its attention to the Mongolian plains to create the colorful Temujin Treasures theme, unless the Khan’s history is a private area of ​​interest. It might be news to know that Temujin is the original name of Genghis Khan, one of the most successful conquerors in history. Genghis may be famous for being brutal, but in the Temujin treasures, we see the jovial side of the warrior king. Get his good book and the rewards will come in the form of a wheel of fortune, firecrackers, transformations, free spins, or jackpots.

Temujin Treasure Slots

A combination of stubbornness strength And steel will set Temujin on a path that will see him dominate the land stretching from China’s Pacific coast to the Adriatic Sea. Genghis Khan was so effective in war and diplomacy that few people in history ruled as much territory as he did before or since. Good luck with the treasure, the smiling Temujin and Khan may give you some gifts.

In receiving the award Players choose bets from the odd range starting at 38 p/c increasing to £/190 per spin. Temujin Treasures is a volatile journey to Old Mongolia, where Pragmatic Play scores 5 out of 5. RTP is also quite high. The theoretical return for the player is 96.55% while the potential (including the jackpot) is not bad either.

Played on 5 reels and 4 rows, a semi twisted one is Temujin Treasures has reduced the usually fixed payline format to 1024 ways to win instead. Less surprising are the symbols that start with 10-A tiles, and calligraphy patterns, followed by coins, vases, flowers, elephants, and Temujin are the 5’s premium. Combinations without multipliers that come later aren’t worth it. Think big. For example, 5 premium symbol lines have a payout value of just 0.26 to 2.6 times your bet. Fortunately, the studio has implemented a number of features to make the game more interesting.

Slot Features

Contains four features. Both large and small By shooting at different points in the game, the wheel of fortune is key for most of them. Combined with firecracker symbols and symbol transformation from the Wild Switch feature.

When 6 identical symbols are placed on the middle three reels The wild switch feature turns them into a wild symbol. The payout will be calculated using the new wild symbol. The Wild symbol will only land on the middle three reels in place of any paying symbols to win.

The elaborate red-gold dragon symbol holds the key to better riches as the game scatters. 3 of them landings launch a feature reel that spins to win one of several prizes. This could be a smaller bet multiplier or a free spin. It could be one of 4 fixed jackpots Grand, Major, Minor, or Mini, worth 28, 88, 288, or 8,888 times your stake respectively. You know you are in Asia with an ‘8’ floating. Around if you won the jackpot or bet multiplier. The wheel will spin again for more rewards. After spinning the 5th wheel, the 6th level will only have free spins.

Players can win 6 to 50 free spins from the reels. And what makes it special is the new firecracker symbol. Whenever a firecracker hits It will reward one of the following:

Slot Verdict

Temujin Treasures is an Asian event that has everything needed to entertain fans of the style. It’s bright, flashy; There are dragons, lions, coins, and works. It doesn’t end in clichés. But it tries hard So you’ll never have to wonder what kind of สล็อตเว็บตรง slots you’re playing. There are a few touches that deliver a glamorous moment as well, such as the prophecy cookie message accompanying the victory ‘You’re on the right track’ or ‘Oh victory is great’, which cause some weird laughs.

Aside from the geographic shift north to Mongolia, the Temujin Treasures look comes as no surprise. Wild Streak has designed the game based on the classic Asian style with lots of red, green, and gold. Layered over is a classic soundtrack. An oriental-inspired and you have the kind of rtp slot games that will please fans of this style as much as to mute the nauseous sound at the sight of them.

One tick in the Pro column is that the potential is pretty good, with Temujin Treasures offering 9,000x your stake if the game hits this mark. The round will end immediately. And the remaining properties will be forfeited. In general, It will be difficult to win big even without the main help from the features. Because of the minuscule symbol value basically, You have to hit the big jackpot to score exciting things.

Like most of the slots in this group, Temujin Treasures is aimed at a specific audience. And does little to attract anyone on the outside. Insiders are sure to enjoy the mid-level jackpot and minor action as much as any other Asian slot.

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