Future of Cryptocurrency and Factors that affect it

The modern era has been an era of technology. Various inventions and upgraded gadgets are available today due to the advent of better systems and processes. It is possible to communicate from one corner of the world to another credit to technological advancement. Businesses and E-commerce platforms can easily conduct trades via online platforms that allow easy and secure connections. Using this medium, an important currency type has evolved that has gained quite a popularity in recent times.

CryptoCurrency is digital cash or cyber money that has been quite high in demand. Various virtual diggers such as antminer s19j are available who can dig out these cyber coins in a legal manner.  There are various factors that have caused this rise in its preference. Listed below are some of these factors discussed in detail.

Personality and Media Influence

It is important to consider media and personality influence over this volatile cyber money. An example is a rise in demand for the Bit coin shares when Elon Musk tweeted something related to the same. It caused the bit coin prices to surge drastically. Influencer support and backing play a crucial role in determining their price. Hence, if you are looking for a short-term investment in crypto, you should keep a check on the recent trends and social influence for any sudden crests or troughs for the perfect opportunity.

Economic Trends

Bit coins in the present date account for just around 20 million which is quite less when considering the global demand. It is not continuously produced or mined, which makes it quite an asset. The increase in demand and limited supply suggests a great spike in their prices. If looking for a really long-term investment, it would be a great choice to put your money on CryptoCurrencies.

Crypto Whale Influence

This trend holds true in every other market and commodity. The CryptoCurrency market is so that more than 45 per cent of the Cyber cash is owned by about 3000 wallets globally. This means that majority of the money is owned by just a few Crypto Whales. These wallet owners can easily bring a huge change in the prices of the currency. If they decide to sell digital money in abundance, it could result in a decrease in their prices.


There are various advantages of putting your money in cyber cash. However, it becomes important to consider the factors that result in a decrease or increase in their prices. Before investing any amount in these currencies, it is necessary to know more about them in detail. It would help you how they work and things that need to be kept in mind.

These coins are governed by secure systems that cannot be manipulated by anyone. Only verified users can carry out any transactions. Similarly, only verified mining agents can solve out puzzles and dig out the crypto money. Hence, it is important to consider everything closely before you decide to buy a crypto coin.


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