Gaming – Not Only for Gamers

People of all ages enjoy video games for many reasons. Die-hard gamers have a passion and a purpose for playing their favourite titles. But what about those who don’t consider themselves gamers? If that sounds like you and you’re wondering why on earth you would even give gaming a try at all, here are seven reasons why you should.

Competition and Risk

Games such as Rainbow 6, Fortnite, and League of Legends require a degree of skill to perform well. You can take a safe or a risky approach, but there’s some real excitement and danger here the riskier you play. The risk is that you could lose, which means you lose your loss or rank. For those who enjoy the element of risk even more, with the chance to win real money, playing games at an online casino like is another option. Online slots are similar to traditional video games in some ways. And, of course, there are always classic casino games like blackjack and roulette.

Mastery or Competency

Many video games call for skill in order for the player to progress. Gamers are competing in real-time while playing such games as Valorant or Overwatch. Your overall game knowledge, aim, map awareness, and reaction speed are just some of the things that call for a degree of competence in order to play these games well and win.


There are numerous challenges in the world. When those challenges become overwhelming, it’s only natural to want an escape from time to time. When you feel like things are out of your control, dipping into a virtual world where everything is safe can provide some relief. Maybe you’re trying to get away from problems at work or at school. Just like the movies, games are a great form of escapism.


Many video games are intense and fast-paced, while others are relaxing and calm. When the world feels stressful, chaotic, and busy, immersing yourself in a relaxing, captivating video game can be a nice feeling. Games such as Untitled Goose Game, Tetris Effect, and Firewatch are relaxing and fun. Then there are games like Skyrim, Ark, and Zelda that can be relaxing in spite of the action. Sure, you could be lying in bed on bamboo sheets all day, but that would be more lazy than relaxing.

Relationship Building

Relationships are difficult. Meeting people and building relationships in real life is scary. Online games are a way of allowing people to talk and get to know each other in a safe environment. Whether you’re playing games with people you don’t know or friends you’ve known for years, you’ll find it’s not that different to having fun with others in the physical world. Gaming with others is a bonding experience. Your common goal allows you to feel closer to each other as you work together to defeat the boss, find the loot, or win the match.

Building and Creating

Humans are meant to build and create. We build through our relationships and our careers. Seeing the results of a project you’ve invested time and energy into is rewarding. Games such as Rust, Ark, and Minecraft afford players that building and creating experience. They can create almost anything on that digital canvas.

Role Playing Games (RPGs) allow players to use their abilities and items to build characters in a bid to become stronger. They spend a lot of time with these characters and take pride in their creations.

Wrap Up

The above list provides an insight as to why non-gamers might like to give gaming a go. Gaming has come a long way since those basic arcade games from the ‘70s. And as suggested above, the benefits of this pastime go beyond mere entertainment and improved hand-eye coordination. Today’s gaming is ambitious, challenging, and complex, and there’s something for everybody.

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