Garrett Motion Commercial Vehicle Turbochargers

Turbochargers are turbine-driven devices that improve the power output of your engine. Turbochargers force extra compressed air into your engine’s combustion chamber during the air intake stroke. With more oxygen in the combustion chamber, you can increase the fuel intake as well. Increasing the volume of air and fuel in your engine amplifies the power of your combustion stroke.

Garrett Motion is a leading supplier of turbochargers and aftermarket parts for European trucks in Australia. This article showcases Garrett Motion’s main solutions for commercial vehicle turbochargers. Continue reading if you would like to know more about the company and its groundbreaking solutions.

The Garrett Motion Story

The Garrett Motion story dates back to 1936 when its founder, John Clifford Garrett worked in Los Angeles. Garrett founded the Aircraft Tool and Supply Company in 1936 and changed its name to Garrett Corporation in 1938. Garrett produced aircraft turbochargers, avionics solutions and environmental controls during World War II.

The use of turbochargers in the US rose in the 1950s with applications in vehicles and sewage systems. Garrett separated his turbochargers and gas turbine groups to form the AiResearch Industrial Division (AID). By 1955, Garrett was producing turbochargers for construction machinery, trains, ships and power plants.

Garrett was part of Honeywell International Inc. from 2004 to 2018 when Garrett Motion Inc. became an independent public-traded company. Today, Garrett employs about 7,500 people, with 1,250 engineers. By 2020, Garrett had 13 manufacturing facilities, five research centres and reported revenue of $3.0B.

Garrett Motion Turbocharger Solutions

Garrett develops turbochargers for several applications such as racing, passenger, commercial and hybrid vehicles. Below are two popular Garrett turbocharger solutions for commercial vehicles.

  • Garrett DAVNT
  • Garrett Wastegate-free floating turbochargers

1. Garrett Double Axle Variable Geometry Turbo (DAVNT)

The DAVNT is Garrett’s latest generation Variable Geometry Turbo (VNT™). Garrett’s DAVNT technology improves your truck’s fuel efficiency and engine power density. It also uses Exhaust Gas Reticulation (EGR) control to regulate emissions.

Garrett DAVNT turbochargers are ideal for diesel engines with a displacement range of 2.5L to 15L. Below are some of the key benefits of Garrett’s DAVNT technology.

Improved fuel efficiency

The DAVNT can control the air-fuel ratio and EGR rates of your truck independently. This level of control enables you to balance the power and efficiency of your engine at every speed. As such, DAVNT enables you to meet emissions targets without compromising the performance of your truck.

Increased power and torque output

Variable geometry turbochargers are more flexible than fixed geometry systems. The DAVNT system eliminates losses in engine backpressure. As a result, the DAVNT achieves better fuel consumption and driveability than conventional turbochargers.

2. Garrett Wastegate-Free Floating Turbochargers

Garrett Wastegate and Free Floating turbochargers are systems designed for robust applications that demand high durability. They are ideal for on-highway and off-highway commercial vehicles, mining equipment, marine applications, locomotives and generator sets.

Wastegate turbos are best suited for engine sizes ranging from 1L to 64L, while free floating turbos focus on 64L to 110L engines. Garrett’s turbo range is one of the largest in the industry; ideal for GT12 to GT70 applications. Below are some unique features and benefits of the Garrett wastegate and free floating turbos.

  • Advanced design and casting processes to develop low-stress turbine wheels
  • One-piece cartridge bearing system eliminates failure modes
  • Titanium compressor wheels increase mechanical robustness

To sum up, Garrett has built a name for itself as one of the most reliable developers of turbochargers in the world. With more than 80 years in the industry, Garrett’s products are second to none. Garrett’s aftermarket parts for European trucks provide a durable yet affordable solution for commercial vehicle operators down under.