Get to Know About Different Types of Licensing For Fonts

The designers and crafters indulge in typography for its beauty and ability to bring a message to life. But fonts are also a tangible asset as the typeface you choose may be trademarked and legally binding. Licensing can mean different things depending on when it was granted, who owns the typeface, which is using it when you decide to release it into the public domain, or license it for commercial use. 

Technology has made the creation of modern fonts easier than ever. Some companies offer solutions for selling and licensing your digital files, such as Font spring or The Font Bureau. In addition, designers can be meeting with licensing agencies to discuss licensing projects such as posters or publications for which you need a specific typeface.

Licensing agencies allow you to sell your font files upon request only. Licensing agencies are an excellent source of licensing information, but the options are limited in certain situations.

Types of Licenses for Fonts

When you are thinking to purchase font, then you would gradually see an enhancement in writing. Moreover, it is very important to understand the aspects that would help ease, and the major one among them is license. Here we are going to describe some types of licenses that you can get for the fonts. If you are unaware of those, then you must read the details mentioned to get the best brief.

  • Unlimited:

The font you choose in this type would not remain limited to a particular application as you can use it unlimited. A single payment is charged for a full company name and a lifetime of use on all future fonts according to this license.

  • Single Font:

In this license, you have to purchase one license for every font that you have purchased. This payment is made once, but you can use the font same on many computers. In this license, the designer retains all rights on the design which is being used by any client or business enterprise that has purchased it from him or licensed it from elsewhere.

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  • Desktop:

In this type of licensing, a client can choose to pay a single fee for a desktop product, which allows him to use the font in any way he wants except for third-party products such as software or Web fonts.

  • Online:

In this type of licensing, you can choose to sell your font online through a website or to businesses. You can even license it to be used for commercial purposes such as for advertisements, web pages, logos, etc. This type is also known as single-user license or five-dollar font.

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  • Easements:

In this type, the company using the fonts gets the right to use your font in any manner they want, but they cannot resell it without the designer’s permission. The only exceptions are nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. This also allows them to use the font without payment or fees for personal use, such as designing t-shirts, logos, etc. 

  • Multiple-User License:

In this type, the designer grants users the rights to use his fonts for personal or commercial purposes in their own work or business in exchange for one flat-rate fee. This is very common in software where you can buy a license to use an application on more than one computer. 

  • Bundle License:

It is also known as Web font license, which grants the rights to use the font on any platform for personal or commercial purposes on the internet.

  • Subscription License:

This type of license allows you to pay for your font regularly. This can be monthly, quarterly, annually, or bi-annually depending on the terms you agree to with your client. The client then receives an updated version of your font.

  • Revenue-Sharing:

In this type of licensing, the designer and client share in the profits made from reselling and redistributing his fonts.

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Moving further, these are the different types of fonts that you need to consider before getting the best outcome as a part of the fonts. Using the licenses, you can easily get the fonts for your design and other things such as branding and many more.

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