Gleb Fetisov — Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Athlete

Gleb Fetisov is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and a public figure. On top of this, he does several sports: polo, chess and golf. In each of these sports, he has already achieved impressive results.

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Gleb Fetisov: In Sports, As In Life, the Main Thing Is Hard Work

In Fetisov’s biography, sports occupy a special place. Gleb Fetisov is a Candidate for Master of Sports in chess. Also, he is profoundly engaged in golf and participates in polo competitions. The businessman believes  that  only 10% of success in sports can be attributed to talent, while  the rest is hard work, patience, and constant self-improvement.

A Brief Biography of Gleb Fetisov

Gleb Fetisov was born on June 5, 1966, in the city of Elektrostal near Moscow. He progressed from high school with honors. Later, he graduated from the Department of Economics at Moscow State University with honors as well. He is a Doctor of Economics, lecturer at Moscow State University, author of numerous academic books, research papers and articles, as well as teaching guides. As an expert in finances and economics, he is a member of various Russian and international academic organizations.

POLO RIDER CUP — The First  One for Gleb Fetisov’s Team   

The POLO RIDER CUP is a main competition that takes place in the attractive French domain of Chantilly. The level of training of the participating teams is extremely high: the strongest athletes from the world’s most prestigious polo clubs come to compete here.

In 2021, the tournament  was held from 10 to 20 of June, with 12 teams participating from all over the world. Gleb Fetisov’s team, the only Russian team at the championship, signified the Moscow Polo Club. It was headed by Mikhail Rodzianko, the captain and Club’s president. The team established an immense level of training and was able to compete on-par with their rivals.

On June 12, a standoff with the German side Hamburger Polo Club took place. The Russians lost 9:11 to the Germans. Captain Mikhail Rodzianko scored 2 out of 9 goals while the rest of the participants — Gleb Fetisov and the French nationals, Simon Zavaleta and Edouard Pan — also established a high level of play. Strong character, teamwork, and the desire to outmanoeuvre  the opposing team  made the game a beautiful and intense action.

On June 14, the team of the Moscow Polo Club competed with the Polo Club Düsseldorf. The last score of the meeting was 8:7 in errand of the Russian team. The willing was dynamic and exciting, and the conquest was truly merited.

As per as Fetisov and his colleagues, an invitation to compete at such a level is a sole opportunity for Russian polo athletes. Participation in such events gives an opportunity  to evaluate the experience and skills of prominent athletes, as well as to indorse national clubs on the international arena.


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