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Go Global with Confidence

The ability to go global with a candidate search vastly expands your talent pool and gives you access to a broad range of experience and perspectives that can be used to expand your business and your reach. Doing this while still protecting your organization from potentially risky individuals requires global background screenings. Thorough background checks help you establish consistency and safety in your new hires, even when hiring folks with international experience or training.

Experience Matters

When working with your background check vendor on global screenings, you should expect your provider to offer the following:

  • The same ease of access as domestic screenings, with online and ATS capabilities that streamline the process for you and your applicants.
  • Compliance expertise that extends to the laws and regulations of multiple jurisdictions around the world.
  • Outstanding customer support for every facet of the process.

In addition, global screenings cannot be done in the same way as U.S. screenings. While the goal is the same, the approach is much more complicated. Vendors offering reliable international background checks understand the countries in which they operate, have resources readily available to bridge language barriers, and take the time to do the job right.

International Background Checks: What You Get

While it’s absolutely possible to hire internationally with confidence, it’s also important to know that a global screen takes longer and may provide less information than a purely domestic screen. For international checks, it’s important to focus on obtaining the truly critical information, which may include the following:

  • Criminal records. There’s no such thing as a global criminal database. Beware of any company making that claim. Your background screening partner will request criminal record information from around the world where the candidate has lived, studied, or worked. Your screening provider will help you understand any limitations to their search and help you interpret any information they uncover.
  • Employment verification. Verifying that the candidate has the requisite work experience requires background check experts to call past employers to find out dates of employment, positions held, and any other relevant information. Skilled screeners understand the nuances of international laws relating to obtaining and using this info.
  • Education verification. Again, experienced international screeners are able to verify the education, licensing, and credentialing of international applicants. Many countries have strict rules protecting this information, making it imperative to have a compliance expert on the job.

Beyond the Borders

International background checks require specialized experience and skills. Partner with a background screening vendor who works comfortably in foreign markets to get you the info you need to go global with confidence.


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