Greatest national teams that won nothing

The beauty of the World Cup is that it is always an event, because it happens every four years. But if you failed to win the world championship, there are always continental cups, for some no less prestigious. And even if the French national team did not win the World Cup in 1986, they still did not leave with nothing. The same can be said for the Brazilians in 1950. The best way to get fans to forgive a bad tournament is to win the next one. But there have been teams in the history that, despite all their potential, were unable to win absolutely nothing significant.

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England (2001-2007)

It all started with the defeat of Germany with a score of 5:1, and ended with Steve McLaren and the comical mistake of Scott Carson. Until now, that team remains the most impressive in the history of the country, but it only did what it disappointed.

As part of England, there were Champions of the Champions League and the country, and world stars, but instead of victories, they offered only excuses: either there is no winger with a left-hand lead, then the coach blundered again. The latter is more like the truth: with the tactics of the “three lions” everything did not go well.

Belgium (2016-present)

Thibaut Courtois, Jan Vertongen, Axel Witsel, Musa Dembele, Eden Hazard, Kevin De Bruyne, Romelu Lukaku… is it worth continuing?

The hope for gold is still alive, and even now Belgium has more than enough stars, but the best will remain the roster at Euro 2016, which was simply obliged to win something. Now, many of the players are no longer young, and do not think about exploits.

It just so happened that the “red devils” were prevented by the British: in 2016, Wales woke up, beating the giants in some miraculous way, and then in 2018 – England, as if deliberately lost in order to make it easier to get to the semifinals. Belgium is also hindered by unsuccessful tactics all the time. But if in 2016 they beat the Welsh, then weak Portugal would be waiting for them, and then, in the final, France.

Hungary (1953-56)

Yes, in 1952 Hungary won Olympic gold, and then it was a much more impressive achievement. But this is not why everyone remembers them.

In 1953, the national team with Ferenc Puskas on the edge was the first outside the British Isles to beat the British, and now that match is known as the “game of the century”. Soon they repeated the armor, defeating the “three lions” in Budapest with a score of 7:1. When the time came for the 1954 World Cup, Hungary had to win it, especially since they managed to beat the reigning champions (Brazil, of course) with a score of 4:2.

Everyone was just waiting for the final against Germany but the miracle happened, and the Germans turned out to be stronger – the referee helped, strong defense and just luck. After that, Hungary did not reach the final, but the Germans only revealed themselves in a new way.

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