Grow Your Business With Unsecured Business Loans In India

Small enterprises are doomed from the beginning. This isn’t always their fault, but in certain circumstances, it’s unavoidable. Obtaining an Unsecured business loan, particularly for a small firm in India or business loans for women, can be a complex undertaking. When we look further, we find that this is not surprising for small enterprises. It is frequently denied when a small business approaches a bank or an NBFC for a micro, small, or medium-sized firm business loan. Such firms demand a modest loan amount, and banks and NBFCs do not feel they are lucrative enough to justify the time and effort.

Furthermore, some organisations need collateral before granting a loan. A freshly created or even an older small firm lacks the collateral assets required to meet Business loan eligibility conditions to apply for a Business Loan, which is why they seek the loan. Several innovative Fintech firms, banks, NBFCs, and Business Loan Providers provide collateral-free Unsecured Business Loans at attractive interest rates. FlexiLoans is an Indian NBFC that offers business loans to SMEs and MSMEs. It provides no-collateral loans with low-interest rates and conditions.

Several businesses look for project funding from venture capitalists or angel investors. On the other hand, persuading these individuals to join any corporate endeavour is a challenging undertaking. Approaching these venture investors without a comprehensive business plan is usually met with rejection. Contacting a bank or a non-banking financial institution, on the other hand, is significantly easier. Furthermore, in exchange for their investment, many angel investors expect a percentage of the company’s income. When looking for finances without incurring debt, business owners generally complete the organization’s management.

Here are some valid reasons for considering Unsecured Business Loans.

Working Capital Availability:

Working capital is the most fundamental monetary necessity for any small firm. Working capital is required to carry out day-to-day operations. However, this capital requirement isn’t highly pressing because you are a small business. As a result, it is challenging to persuade Business Loan Providers to make these funds available to the firm.

Unsecured Business Loans handle this issue efficiently because there is no absolute foundation for obtaining the loan that you must provide to the lender to acquire one. This avoids the requirement to spend the entire loan amount for a single purpose and instead allows you to use it as working capital.

This will provide any small firm with plenty of room to grow beyond its current constraints. That alone should be enough incentive for any new firm to obtain a business loan without collateral, which is still another constraint on a company’s operational capital.

Unsecured Business Loans are available on time

The most important advantage is the simplicity and quickness with which a FinTech company may provide an unsecured loan to a small business. The majority of lenders have simplified the process of obtaining a business loan. You may now apply for an unsecured business loan from the comfort of your own home or workplace by visiting the websites of these loan providers.

These websites are incredibly user-friendly, with online tutorials helping users through the application procedure for a business loan. These websites additionally provide a variety of business loan features and incentives. A borrower can research the many business loan alternatives accessible online and choose the one that best matches the demands of their organisation.

Because extra documentation is necessary when applying for a business loan through a bank or an NBFC, the processing time is lengthier. The loan necessitates collateral and guarantors, which increases the paperwork. Unsecured loans from FinTechs, on the other hand, are handled more rapidly; the procedure is frequently completed online, saving both the borrower and the lender time in preparing the appropriate business paperwork. Requirements can occur at any moment and cannot be delayed. You can’t afford to lose time filling out long unsecured loan application forms and obtaining relevant company data as a small business.

Unsecured Business Loans are highly flexible

When asking for a company loan, you must specify the loan’s purpose. Assume that if you create a fund for company growth, it will only be used for that purpose. This means that the loan can’t be utilised in any way. When you obtain an unsecured loan for a fintech or DSA, you have complete discretion over how the funds are spent. You are free to use the funds on anything you like, including marketing and business expansion.

As a sort of short-term financing, most loan providers provide unsecured business loans. Unsecured loans have terms ranging from 12 to 60 months. This enables company owners to discontinue making long-term loan payback EMI payments. Due to the shorter loan term, borrowers will find it easier to maintain a positive cash flow condition. Several business loan providers now provide flexible repayment choices to make the payback procedure as simple as feasible.


You can see how advantageous an Unsecured Business Loan may be for your company, whether an established MSME or a start-up. The interest rate on the loan amount may be greater, but the peace of mind it provides is priceless.

Examine all of the advantages and disadvantages of a business loan and assess whether what the business loan provider is offering you is in line with your business goals. If you are confident in your company’s success and feel you can afford the high-interest rates, applying for an unsecured business loan makes sense.

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