Grown Ups, A Movie That Teaches Us How To Be A Kid Again.

Grown Ups, the Movie is now out on DVD. It is directed by Denis Dugan and written by SNL alumni Adam Sandler and Fred Wolf.

How many comedians can you fit into one movie?

There is something so special about seeing so many of Saturday Night Live’s performers in one movie, it’s like comfort food. In fact the movie is abundant with televisions greatest comics. The stars are Adam Sandler, Salma Hayek, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, Dennis Spade and Kevin James. The camaraderie among these actors is apparent from the very start and it is the give and take of these actors that creates a well balanced movie that is fun filled and entertaining.

Why watch the movie?

This movie brings back memories from childhood when life was simpler and electronics was a thing of the future. It takes the family on a journey of what life use to be for a kid and the reasons why play and imagination is so important today. It reminds the parents to take the time to be with there kids in a childlike way that can only bring families closer together. It’s free to watch at https://123moviesgo.ga/.

There’s a reason why the DVD is released at Christmas

Christmas is a good time for this movie to be released as parents are pressured by their children and the media to get the lasted electronic gizmo. Maybe parents will have second thoughts about how they are contributing to their children’s character. Hopefully this movie will set off a trend that will perpetuate an increase in board games and more nostalgic toys.

Where has the child gone in children?

Today’s children are losing their sense of childlike wonder and play. They have leaped into the world of electronics and that has elevated them to a maturity level beyond their years. Children are starting to embrace the greed factor of upgrading to the next best thing, the improved version. The only thing that was improved about Mr. Potato Head was that he got a Mrs.

How can parents help children rediscover themselves?

It is up to parents to stare clear of the pressures of society and keep a clear vision of what childhood is really about. They need to jump off the bandwagon of electronic babysitters and sit at the table and play a board game with their children. They need to model what it’s like to be a kid because now a day our children don’t know how.

Grown Ups, the Movie is more than comedy frolic. It has a serious message to send out to parents and children alike. And that is not to forget to be a kid, to explore and use your imagination and to enjoy the world around you.

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