Guide to Buying the Perfect Pair for Your Beach Kids

Fall time is the best time for the beach, and we cannot deny that. The sight of sea meeting the sky, the peace in observing the sunsets and the soothing sound of waves is a cherishable experience. And there can be no better time than this to take your kids to the beaches. It does not need a lot of prep, too; some kids’ shoes, a pair of swimwear, and loads of excitement for your child.

Going to a picnic on the beach or a waterpark, or a local pool requires some things to be noted. The most vital among them is the right pair of shoes for your little one. Shoes filled with water are the worst for your baby’s sensitive skin. They may even cause irritation, swelling, and ulcers.

That is why there is a whole different thing about shoes for water days. These sandals have open spaces that do not let water stay inside. Also, the material used to make these flip flops is suitable for the environment in the ocean. These kids’ shoes are protective for the feet as well.

There are several impurities on the sand and in the sea, like rocks and pebbles. You would not want your kid to step on them. Although you can not avoid it, you can add a safety guard so that they do not hurt their legs. These water sandals and thongs are a layer of security that keeps your happy child away from getting hurt.

The following is a detailed guide that will help you understand why and how you choose kids’ shoes for your water vacation.

  • The material must be breathable.

The first crucial thing is the material of the footwear. If it is not soft and breathable, it might get cut because of exposure to water. And this would result in vain. A delicate material ensures that even if your kid’s feet are in the water for long, they do not get uncomfortable. The breathing spaces allow air to move inside the feet, and hence your baby can enjoy the time at the beach.

  • Design and details

The pattern of the kid’s shoes plays an important role. The feet of any young teenager needs more support than adults. So, the best pair could be a sandal. Unlike any other pair that your child can struggle with, sandals give complete coverage. They also have many more open spaces. It allows your child to have an enjoyable time.

  • Right fit

Fitted shoes are essential, especially when you are going to have fun beside the ocean. Your child will not sit idle when they are on the beach. They will definitely enjoy it as much as they can. Whether it is sandcastles or short swims, it is necessary that their shoes stay in place and are of the perfect fit. Otherwise, they might get a twisted ankle because of the loose footwear.

  • Proper fasteners

Generally, kids’ shoes come with velcro fasteners that babies can open and close quickly. But when in water, you must ensure that the pins are strong enough that they do not open when your child is busy playing. Also, these changeable fasteners allow you to adjust the fit and make the shoe perfect for your younger one.

  • The shape of the shoes

Your baby is your bundle of happiness, and you would not want to disturb them by giving them pointed adult shoes. A child’s footwear must be shaped in soft patterns without sharp corners. Shoes for the beach are supposed to be comfortable, and you must keep that in check.

Australians love the beaches, meeting new people, and enjoying them to the fullest. And they are cautious about the necessities of beach day outings. And for their best, Ipanema has offered a variety of kids’ shoes in different designs and patterns. They are made with recycled items and are vegan.

For people who do not want to harm the environment and imbibe good qualities in their children, Ipanema has launched an entirely ethical and sustainable collection for men, women, and kids. The best thing is that vegan materials have all the good qualities. They are soft, breathable, and strong enough to sustain water for long.

So, if it is your trip to the beach, it has to come after your shopping from Ipanema.


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