Guide to Healthy Gambling after Quarantine: A Must for Beginners

Quarantine has left a few habits tweaked including how people gamble nowadays. People are far more exposed with a variety of online games including their versions. Popular gambling sites like joker123 release even more games! The deeper they dive in, the more these people are at risk of falling into irresponsible gambling. Too bad, not all players are well-equipped with sufficient soft skills like self-control. To avoid you from being one of the irresponsible gambling players out there, we will give you some tips to use as guidance.

Tip #1. Play for Entertainment Purposes

All players want to win. With money involved, the desire to win tends to be exaggerated and out of control. It is safe to say ‘better to use the free trial version of your poker online’ but too give a little bit of spice, some money shall not hurt much. However, your heart should not speak louder than your head.

Tip #2.  Loss Equals Entertainment Cost

Everybody should treat themselves every once in a while. If you like gambling so much and know very well your hard-earned cash shall not go far for this ‘fun’, use your entertainment budget for gambling, instead. Every time you lose, you know that loss is part of the fun and you do not have to force yourself to play even more to make up your loss money.

Tip #3. Make a Money Limit

For you who want to feel the thrill of playing judi online with real money, make a limit for a period of time. Let us say you give yourself ten dollars a week only. To set a limit, you know when to stop playing.

Tip #4. Make a Time Limit

Even for free games, things could sometimes get messy. Remember the fun of stepping up the levels of your game and winning some buck that quickly? That is the reason why time limit shall be made. Not only does time limit help you stay away from gambling addiction, but this also helps you manage your time for other activities.

Tip #5. Loss Is Expected

We do not like to loss. Many players play too much to make up their loss. It is unhealthy. You should accept both possibilities of win and loss the first time you give your hand onto online games. If you win, that is great! If you lose, you learn something and could hope for a better play next time. Do not let your ego get you.

Tip #6. Don’t Play with Money You Don’t Have

During the quarantine, business is not as good. It is expected that everyone has suffered a bit financially. With that in mind, prioritize! Put gambling only after all of your basic needs. If by the end of the day, no spare of money for this hobby, let it be. Never use your credit card or borrow anyone to fulfill your call to play. No bargain.

Tip #7. Don’t Increase Your Money & Time Limit to Chase Your Loss

Gambling is a game, but discipline is part of playing it. You do not want to be so easy when it comes to changing your money and time limit. After all, remember that there is no guarantee you would win to make up your loss money at the end. 

Tip #8. Don’t Consume Alcohol or Other Substances during Your Play

As you know how precious money is now, you should use it properly. Despite you knowing loss is part of the game, it helps to know that your loss is not as a result of alcohol effect on you when playing challenging games like poker online. Gambling is entertaining, but not anymore when loss becomes more common. So, educate yourself better.

Tip #9. Play When You’re Ready (Not Stressed, Sad or Angry)

Gambling when you are emotional is as bad as gambling under alcohol influence. If you are not 100% aware of your actions, why would you play it in the first place? It does not sound like it is going to be fun anymore, doesn’t it?

Tip #10. Educate Yourself about Irresponsible Gambling

Online games are firstly designed for entertainment purposes. However, with money involved, some players see it as a potential income. It is neither right nor wrong. But, you have to be ready mentally to play these games no matter from what perspective you see them. It is always helpful to learn the negative impacts of gambling with irresponsible attitude. It will help you know when you have gone too far with gambling.

These are 10 tips you can use to keep your healthy relationship with gambling in check. Like everything else, gambling can only be good if done in moderation. If you consider yourself are prone to gambling addiction, share your thoughts with your loved ones and get help from professionals. It is not easy but the right thing to do! This way, you can enjoy your time at joker123 much better.


Play at sites like joker123 with these tips!
Before you play poker online or other games at joker123, equip yourself with information about responsible gambling.


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