Guidelines for storing and organizing your bikini drawer

It takes a lot of time to seek and shop for swimwear that you truly like and that fits you the best. Your swimwear or bikini is a set of clothing that you buy after a lot of detailed analysis and time spent. Beach babes who believe in the slogan “Buy Better Wear Longer” invest in some high-quality swimwear that lasts longer and they believe that it is wiser than spending money on a number of low-quality swimwear that lasts only one season. After investing your hard-earned money in some good quality bikinis and swimwear it is obvious that you want to prolong its life expectancy to use it for a long time. To maximize the lifespan of your money-worth designer swimwear, one of the ways is to keep it properly in the offseason. This will help you keep its shape, flexibility, and color. Following some of the simple steps will help you keep your drawer organized and spacious as well as good care of your swimwear. 


Your swimwear variety should consist of pieces that you really need. Start organizing your bikini drawer by vacating all of the swimwear from the closet or drawer. Then separate them according to their type, like a one-piece, two-piece, printed one, solid bikinis, and the one you want to donate or resell. During the process check one by one by wearing them all. Then remove the pieces you feel are not fit or you do not need it anymore and put them in the donation or sell section.

Set apart your one-pieces

We know that you like your one-piece swimwear. Use a drawer divider to separate the one-piece swimwear from your two-piece set. You can style your one-piece as a bodysuit too, so keep them in a place that is easily approachable from your other swimwear collection. To fold your one-piece swimwear, remove the pads and loose the straps then fold them in a way to make a little square, and then keep each of them in overlapping style. This way will help you to easily recognize your suit, without searching for it.

Separate your printed swimwear

 Arrange your two-piece together in a separate section. We know you want to mix and match your bikini tops and bottoms, so arrange them in a place where they are easily accessible. Do the same for your two-piece set, remove the padding if possible, and if there are any loose straps fix them. Fold your cute bikini tops by setting down one cup inside the other and the put the straps in the middle of the cup. Fold bikini bottoms half widthwise and then roll over, in this way they will accommodate a small space. Place your bikini tops and bottoms in a separate section.

Separate your solid swimwear

For a more organized and clean look, arrange your solid swimwear in a separate section. Follow the same method as explained above. Organizing a bikini drawer makes sure that your money-worth designer swimwear is stored in the proper place and easily accessible when summer comes up. Either you are using a drawer, closet, or garment bag for storing purposes, make sure that your swimwear is separate from other clothing so that it will be easy for you to take out whenever you want them.

 Wash Before Storing

Always wash your swimwear after using and before storing it away. Washing will remove the remaining chlorine, sunscreen, and salt after the day you spent in the pool and sun. If you keep it unwashed the chlorinated water may cause its color to fade away and stain. The contaminated swimwear will develop an unpleasant smell in your whole closet. Washing of your swimsuit may take just 5 minutes but if you don’t want to do it, just rinse it with simple water after every use. Dry it out by putting it down flat instead of hanging because it will cause stretching and deteriorate its structure. 

Hand washing only

We all know very well that washing machines can shorten the lifespan of our garments whether it is our swimwear or casual dresses of daily use. It can cause strings and embellishment damage. The makers and producers clearly label the instructions, suggesting hand-washing instead of washing machines.  Hand-washing elongates the lifespan of our swimwear and saves the suit from fading its color and shape deterioration. However some manufacturers do allow machine-washing, so you can do it according to instructions given on the label. Instead of throwing your swimwear in the hamper after using it, don’t wait for the next laundry and prefer hand-washing for the prolonged use of your money-worth swimwear.

Complete dry before packing

After hand-washing the swimwear, completely air dry it instead of using a washing machine dryer because the heat of the dryer causes fabric damage. Simply put down your swimwear flat in an airy place. Avoid hanging it because the downward force of the water can stretch the fabric and cause the deterioration of its shape. Similarly avoid hanging it in the bathroom for drying because of the high humidity, which won’t allow your swimwear to completely dry. Similarly, sunlight causes the discoloration of fabric. It is best to dry it out in an airy place with no humidity and sunlight. To ensure complete dryness, turn it over while drying. This procedure helps you complete the drying of your swimwear before packing it away.

Use a stasher Bags

Stasher bags also called garment bags are best to control temperature and humidity. As we all know humidity results in stinginess and left stains on fabric, it is best to pack swimwear in garment bags for maintaining the good condition of the suit. Do not use plastic bags, be aware the plastic bags promote the moisture so avoid them while packing and storing swimwear as well as other suits. For ensuring no humidity at all, vacuum-sealed bags are best to use.

Prefer a dry area for storing

Do not store your bathing suits in places like garages or attics because such places have greater humidity and temperature shifts. Minimum exposure to humidity and severe temperature helps in the life extension of your bathing suit. If you do not want to use stasher bags, then it is better to keep and store your garments in humidity and temperature-controlled places like drawers and closets of the bedroom. In the area, you choose to store your swimwear, keep in mind that it should be inaccessible for children and pets. They can accidentally harm your swimwear despite all the efforts you made to store your swimwear. If you want to shop for some of the online swimwear for your next summer, visit ishine365.

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