Harness for women – pleasure is in the details

Why do women choose a harness?

Today, many world-famous designers are positioning an intriguing and daring harness as an ultra-fashionable addition to your look.

Women’s harness is a powerful weapon. In skilled hands, it is able to emphasize femininity, giving the image refinement, sophistication and even mystery. You can choose from a wide variety of harnesses and lingerie leather in different colors on

Types of harness for women: choose yours

We offer you a selection of the most interesting and noteworthy models.

  • Classic simple weave harness. It consists of a main strap at the waist and two “braces” for the shoulders. This is the simplest and at the same time universal option. It will emphasize the waist and chest, and will also become the highlight of the image.
  • Harness with complex weaving. Consists of many weaves, which are interconnected. The belt straps are thin and assembled into different geometric patterns. This option is most often used by girls who are self-confident. It will ideally emphasize a thin waist and become the subject of everyone’s attention.
  • Harness, consisting of thick belts. It can be used to visually make the figure more slender. Consists of several thick belts that are intertwined. It is most often used on strict shirts or dresses.

Options for wearing body harness woman

You can find a harness to highlight each part of your body, giving it the right accents

  • Harness – corset. Corsets originally served to lift the chest, make the waist narrower and, accordingly, highlight the hips and lengthen the legs. A product of this kind performs similar functions, but with one difference: a fashion accessory does not “strangle” its mistress, and it is as easy to move in it as without.
  • Harness bondage. This is one of the most versatile options for women’s harness, which is suitable for both sexy images and everyday women’s bow. Effectively emphasizes the waist and hips. Here, the center of the composition is the base strap, from which the weaving of the belts begins. Harness bondage lingerie as an accessory consists of several thin belts fastened at the waist, and a couple more passing through the shoulders, fixing at the desired height.
  • Leg Harness with thigh cuffs. Models consist of several straps that are fixed not only at the waist, but also at the hips. It is both a self-sufficient thing and a very stylish sexy addition to stockings, and with its help it is easy to create an exciting image. It also goes well with everyday style. The hip belt can be combined with short denim shorts, a mini dress, with high boots (not over the knee boots). Some accessory options are attached to the belt of jeans, adding to the image of unusualness and courage.
  • Harness on the chest. You can use such a thing for different purposes – as an addition to an image in a business or urban style, or as accessories for sexual games.
  • Necklace-harness – chokers for women. The next version of the female harness, which is successfully used both in everyday life and for a defiant and sexy look, is a model that is worn around the neck.
  • Full body Harness. In a casual look, a harness bandage is a very concise accessory, without frills, focusing on only one specific part of the body. But there are models that look especially catchy and sexy – this is a harness for the whole body, from the neck to the hips or even to the legs. It is a sexual harnesses. Want to draw your attention to the fact that this option is absolutely not suitable for an everyday bow – this is an idea for a bright sexy look.

How to wear women’s harness correctly?

Fashionable harness allows you to create either aggressive and provocative bows, or sophisticated and feminine. It all depends on how you use it.

We recommend that you follow the rules:

  1. The black leather version is perhaps the most spectacular, but bold. If you want to create a more feminine look, then it is better to look at white or beige colors.
  2. Harness attracts attention. So that it does not turn out to be too much, it is better to refrain from combining jewelry with over the knee boots, platform shoes, miniskirt, neckline, slit, tight clothes, transparent outfits.
  3. To create a more harmonious image, it is worth choosing a harness that does not contrast with the color of the shoes.
  4. Clothing made of plain fabrics without decor is the perfect backdrop for this accessory.
  5. Harness is a self-sufficient thing. You should not combine other jewelry with it, so as not to overload an already bright image.
  6. Since the leather harness for women originally belonged to the men’s wardrobe, it is best to balance its militancy with the help of feminine clothing. On such a contrast, it will be possible to emphasize the fragility and sexuality.

You can find a huge selection of high-quality woman harness, bondage lingerie, leather strap on harness, bunny bondage and other accessories in our store of branded accessories. We can also make a belt according to your sketch and it will be unique.

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