Hbot therapy and the benefits offered for hair growth

Total or partial hair loss in the head is a real drama for people who face this condition. Alopecia can have countless causes, from hereditary to hormonal changes, medical conditions or as an effect of the normal aging process of the body. Although it is more common in men, alopecia can also affect women. There are various treatments to stop hair loss and even to stimulate the growth of new hairs and among the most popular is HBOT therapy. This therapy is also recommended as an adjunctive treatment in hair transplantation.

What is hbot therapy and what are the most important benefits offered

With the help of hyperbaric chambers, people who resort to hbot therapy can breathe oxygen in high purity, with the help of a mask connected to special oxygen concentrators. In hyperbaric chambers, the pressure is higher than in the outside environment, which is why a larger amount of oxygen molecules can be inhaled. This therapy offers countless benefits on the body’s health.

To obtain the desired beneficial effects, the pressure of a hyperbaric chamber in which hbot therapy takes place, must be at least 1.6 ATM. Among the few companies that offer quality hyperbaric chambers, made with top materials and with an innovative design, is Oxyhelp. Some of the most important benefits offered by Oxyhelp hyperbaric chambers are:

  • positive effects on general mood
  • reducing fatigue and stress
  • mental relaxation
  • stimulating slow digestion
  • increase concentration
  • favoring recovery after sports accidents
  • rapid wound healing

Like any other organ in the body, the skin needs oxygen to live and function. The skin on the head, called the scalp, is the one that contains the roots of the hair, respectively the follicles. Healthy hair is based, among the fins, on a sufficient supply of oxygen, which is provided by the blood capillaries. Improved blood circulation to the scalp will result in strong, thick and healthy hair. Otherwise, respectively if the oxygen supply is reduced, all the cells will be affected, including the follicles and this can lead to their destruction up to the total thinning or hair loss. Being the farthest place from the heart, the scalp is often deprived of a rich supply of oxygen, which is why the benefits of hbot therapy can be seen quite quickly in terms of hair health on the head.

Hair transplantation and the benefits of hbot therapy

Every year, more than half a million people resort to surgery involving hair transplantation. Being a fairly common procedure, it does not involve very high risks or secondary effects. However, many doctors recommend hbot therapy to reduce healing time. Being an adjuvant method of healing the body, hbot therapy does not involve drugs, instead offering the most diverse benefits.

The hair implant is a very expensive procedure and in which patients have high hopes. Besides the negative effects on the aesthetic level, alopecia affects quite a lot on the emotional and self-confidence level. This is the reason why people who have had a hair transplant tell how much their lives have changed for the better, as well as the fact that they enjoy a lot of personal and professional success.

In order to better protect patient’s investment, doctors have introduced in the recommended protocol, the most advantageous methods and with the most beneficial results. Hbot therapy is, from this point of view, a powerful tool in ensuring a major success rate in hair transplantation, helping to increase collagen production and microcirculation in that area. Hbot therapy also stimulates the growth of hair follicles before and after transplantation, as well as the growth of new skin cells. This is possible due to the development of new blood vessels, as well as the stimulation of cells to produce certain substances, such as vascular endothelium. They attract and stimulate the endothelial cells needed for healing (“Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy”).

What are the complications associated with hair transplantation and how can hbot therapy reduce them

During the transplant procedure, the follicles suffer lesions that are difficult to prevent. However, with the help of hbot therapy, capillary regeneration is sustained and ischemia-reperfusion lesions are diminished.

Following a hair transplant, some minor complications may occur, including:

  • bleeding
  • infections
  • swelling of the scalp
  • bruises around the eyes

The sensations of pain, pulsation and tightness are also very common. All of these are generally kept under control with painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection. The healing process is long, but with the help of hbot therapy, the body can be supported during this period, including against the development of infections, limiting bleeding and stimulating the anti-inflammatory process.

Studies also show that hbot therapy helps in the loss of post-surgical follicles, limiting folliculitis and itching (“The effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy combined with hair transplant surgery for the treatment of alopecia”).

The science behind hbot therapy

Every cell in the body needs oxygen to function and heal. With the help of hbot therapy, the body is flooded with pure oxygen.

Boyle’s law

According to this, the pressure and volume of a gas are inversely proportional to the constant temperature. This is the “scientific secret” of hbot therapy.

Henry’s law

The amount of gas dissolved in a liquid or tissue is proportional to the partial pressure of the gas in contact with the liquid or tissue. With the help of this law it is very clearly explained the high level of oxygen in the tissues, following the hbot therapy.

Dalton’s law

In a gas mixture, each element exerts a pressure proportional to its fraction of the total volume.

Although difficult to understand for people who do not have advanced knowledge of physics and chemistry, these statements are important for all skeptical people who want some scientific arguments about hbot therapy.

Most of the oxygen that is carried by the blood is bound to hemoglobin which is saturated at a level of about 78% under normal atmospheric pressure. When the pressure is high, according to Henry’s law, oxygen can be transported into the blood plasma to the farthest cells in the body that were affected by hypoxia.

Types of hyperbaric chambers for hbot therapy

There are several models of hyperbaric chambers on the market, but it is important that the ones in which you choose to do hbot therapy are of good quality. Just as you will carefully choose the surgeon who performs the hair transplant, you must also pay full attention to the clinic where you will do the adjuvant treatment with hyperbaric oxygen, so that you can get the most out of the promised benefits.

It is recommended to look for Oxyhelp hyperbaric chambers, because premium equipment, the safest on the market. They are manufactured in the European Union, offering a maximum level of interior comfort and a friendly control interface, which allows customized settings for certain specific parameters, such as:

  • Compression / decompression speed
  • Treatment pressure level
  • Room’s temperature
  • Session duration

More information about hbot therapy and the specifications of Oxyhelp hyperbaric chambers, you can read on

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