Health Insurance in Bangalore: 7 Steps to Compare and Choose A Suitable Insurance Plan 

Bangalore is one of the populous cities in India and has a majority of young and working people. As we all know and a few of us must have experienced too, the young population has become more susceptible to a number of chronic diseases such as respiratory problems, heart problems, diabetes, etc., due to rising stress level, sedentary lifestyle and high pollution.

Similarly, in Bangalore, despite maintaining their well-being, people are vulnerable to such diseases. And, if these medical conditions get complicated further, it might involve greater risk and considerable treatment cost. Therefore, to cope with unexpected health problems and stay financially protected, it is important to buy health insurance in Bangalore.

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However, before buying health insurance in Bangalore, it is advisable to compare a number of plans and choose the best health insurance, depending on your current health status and financial capacity.

But, as a beginner, how would you compare the health insurance plans? How would you know which one is suitable and lies in your financial capacity? We have made it simpler for you; read and follow the below steps to choose the an apt health insurance in Bangalore.

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1. Analyse Your Needs

The first step is to analyse your current health status and medical needs, as this will play an important role in deciding on an appropriate cover. While evaluating this, keep in mind the number of dependent family members, pre-existing illnesses, lifestyle diseases, lifestyle habits, etc.

2. Evaluate the Coverage Required

Based on your needs, evaluate the extent of coverage you would require. Basically, under this, you would need to look for the benefits you want to get under your health insurance plan. For example, while buying mediclaim for senior citizens (for your parents), you might look for more benefits as there are high chances of getting suffering from critical illnesses in old age.

3. Coverage Provided By Insurers

After evaluating your personal coverage and needs, look for the coverage offered by the insurer. Usually, different insurers have a different set of benefits to offer; therefore, it is important to compare it across a number of insurers. You can check for the following benefits:

  • In-patient hospitalization
  • Pre and post hospitalization expenses
  • Consumable benefits expenses
  • Domiciliary treatment
  • Day-care procedures
  • Dental Treatment

If you choose an insurer offering comprehensive coverage, you might not have to spend even a penny out of your pocket and be worry-free about the treatment cost.

4. Compare Premium And Plans

As the insurers have multiple plans to offer for health insurance in Bangalore, it is important to explore and compare the various options available. A few types of health insurance plans include critical illness plan, top-up health insurance plan, etc. Depending on your current health status and requirements, you can shortlist a few plans that seem suitable and then, compare the premiums of the shortlisted plans.

5. Exclusions and Clauses

Despite choosing an appropriate health insurance plan with sufficient coverage, sometimes people are unable to avail of claim due to the exclusions and clauses mentioned in the health insurance specifications. Therefore, it is important to compare the exclusions across insurers and choose one with minimum exclusions and complications.

6. Bonuses and Discounts

A number of insurers have lucrative bonuses and ongoing discount offers. It might help you in saving a considerable amount while keeping your coverage intact. For example, you can avail of a no-claim bonus if you do not apply for the claim consecutively for a number of years.

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7. Calculate Premium, Compare And Buy

After you have performed all the above steps, you can calculate the premium amount using an online health insurance calculator. You just need to mention a few basic details and you will get an approximate premium amount. After calculating the premium amount, you can choose one with an affordable premium, offering decent coverage. It is advisable to lay importance on balancing premium and the benefits.

After choosing appropriate health insurance in Bangalore, it is important to check the credibility and profile of the insurance provider to ensure uninterrupted services. Reliable insurance providers such as TATA AIG have a respectable record of claim settlement ratio, satisfied clientele and exceptional customer support, which proves their commitment to providing the best insurance plans and services to their clients.


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