Here Is How You Can Make Work From Home Employees Love Their Job

Since March last year (2020) work from home lifestyle has become a norm. While this working mode isn’t entirely new to the world but only a small percentage of employees were working from home, either part-time or full time before 2020. Therefore, when the virus broke out it was a shock for the office-going employees to be introduced to work from home lifestyle.

Most of the employees thought of this new work mode as a short-term assignment, which will only last a few months. However, it has been a year, and there is no sight of going back to the traditional work style with cubicles, meeting rooms, and the office environment.

With growing uncertainty, the unusual has become certain. Instead of looking for the time when we will head over to our usual business and work style, consider this current scenario as the long-term usual.

Even with the country getting vaccinated and restrictions being lifted, the aftermath of the virus outbreak has caused people to keep the current lifestyle intact.

While a lot of employees are thrust to get back to the office, many of them have replaced the slow internet service with better quality internet from Hughesnet Gen 5 to make their work from home more effective.

Other than this a lot of companies as well have invested to create an environment of certainty for employees so that they not only continue working from home but also start loving it. However, not all companies are doing so. A lot of the business leaders do not consider it as their problem if the employees are not able to adjust to the new work lifestyle.

So if you are one of them, you might find it hard to accept but it is your responsibility. There is a lot that you can do as a company to improve the work condition of your remote employees.

Some of the suggestions are given below:


Just like in-office employees, the remote employee also needs to know how they are doing their job. It’s always easy to pick on action for employees to understand how well they have performed their task. It is easy face-to-face with the manager, employees often find it hard to comprehend their emotions remotely.

While working in the same building and having a manager that smiles at you throughout the day is a good boost of validation. But with work from home employees getting appreciation through gestures is not possible.

Therefore, instead of neglecting the power of recognition make sure you find other ways to make it happen. Managers can use video conferencing, a handwritten letter, or an email letter regarding the performance of the employee or the team.


For the new employees that are being hired in the coronavirus world, having a management session is much more important. When you are hiring new people into your office on remote jobs then you need to give them a right and powerful welcome, which can be through positive messages.

Other than this you should be sending a welcome box which can be filled with company swag and stuff to encourage the new employees in thinking better for the company.

Also, remember that the new employees are not getting what they get in a traditional office setup where they can get a tour of the office or socially interact with their colleagues. Therefore, as a manager, you should make sure you put in a little effort to virtually introduce the new employees to the old ones and vice versa.


One of the driving factors during work from home is a lack of motivation. But the truth is that motivation comes in many forms, one such form is a sense of security.

Considering the coronavirus outbreak employees have been going through extreme insecurity regarding jobs, future career opportunities, and a lot more. Therefore, to inject motivation into your employees make sure you train them for future opportunities within the company.

The employee should be well aware of the path of advancement and opportunities coming along the way. To know this better make sure you go through the information regarding which skills you are training your employees for how are they going to help them in the future.

Put in Some Effort

Work from home is hard for the employees. However, the reality is that work from home is the present and the future. Therefore, instead of letting them adjust to the new routine themselves, the company should also put in some effort to help them do so.


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