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Here’s All the Items You Need to Get Ready for Pride Month

Getting ready to celebrate Pride each year is almost as fun as going to Pride. Stocking up on all things rainbow and saving up money so that you can travel to enjoy Pride in as many different cities as possible. Pride is a wonderful time of year that we get to come together and enjoy festivities that are for us and are safe for us.

Purchasing the Best Pride Gear

Make sure that you purchase enough Pride gear that you have options for every pride event that you attend. Having uniques and humorous shirts is one of the best parts of pride. Here are some of the best pride shirts we could find…

1. Lightsaber Color Rainbow

If you are gay and a little nerdy this shirt will be a must-have for you. This shirt features lightsabers that are creating all the colors of the pride rainbow. How can you not buy a shirt that combines star wars and Pride?

2. I Can’t Even Think Straight

This is a great shirt that will receive a lot of compliments and giggles at any Pride event. This will also make a great going-out shirt for you all year round.

3. Nobody Knows I’m Gay

This is a really funny shirt for obviously queer individuals to wear but it also is a great shirt for someone that may not present as queer to wear to let everyone know they are proud of who they are.

4. My Husband is Gay

This is always a favorite. You can also buy it to say “wife”, ”boyfriend”, or “girlfriend”. This can be a fun choice for any straight female or male that may be with someone who identifies as queer. It’s a cute way for them to show that they are supportive and proud of that part of their partner’s identity.

5. Some Dudes Marry Dudes

This is another classic shirt that you will always see at pride. This shirt can also be purchased with the phrase changed to “ Some Chicks Marry Chicks”. You will always see several of these shirts at any pride event.

6. You Can Pee Next to Me

As silly as the statement may seem, it is a strong statement for all of us to make for our transgendered brothers and sisters. They should be allowed to use the bathroom that matches their gender. This shirt shows that you are willing to fight for their rights.

7. We Out Her

This shirt is the best it features the Pride Inclusive Flag and Says “We Out Here” right above it. It is a really fun play on words and everyone will be wanting this one at pride.

8. Too Cute for Gender Identity

This is an amazing shirt for anyone who is gender fluid or non-binary. No one has to fit in a box and there are more than 2 genders!

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9. Gender Norms are Dead

This shirt features a skeleton sitting up in a coffin and the phrase “ Gender Norms are Dead” is printed above it. This is a great pride shirt, but it is also a good everybody shirt. Feminists will love this one as well!

10. Not a Phase

If you are a witchy gay, this will be a must-have shirt for you. It features the phases of the moon in a circle and they are colored to create a rainbow and in the middle of the shirt the text says “Not a Phase”. This is a great all-year-round shirt and will be a huge hit at Pride.

Make Sure Your Have The Best Shirts At Pride

It is time for you to purchase all of the shirts that you like so that you will have plenty of options this summer. The only way to make sure that you have the best pride shirts is to make sure that you have plenty to chose from. Get your favorites now before they sell out and you will have everyone asking you where you got your shirt before you know it.

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