Here’s Why You Should Use a VPN for More than Just Security!

Most people avoid installing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) because it gets too technical, therefore it’s a hassle for them to deal with. But VPN is more than just a mere technical tool that protects an individual. It benefits huge corporations too in a number of ways. Most activities like using a public network, transferring sensitive data, or streaming your favorite Netflix originals can be done more securely through a VPN.

VPN is defined as a virtual private network that encrypts your device’s IP address, masks your data, and re-routes it through secure networks to servers in other states and countries to hide your online identity from government agencies, hackers, and corporations so you can browse the web freely leaving zero traces!

Users with a VPN connection can ‘relocate’ themselves to different states and countries and browse the web with an added layer of security. It’s not just used to hide identity and ensure security, it’s a powerful tool useful for streaming, gaming, and travel too!

Here’s Why You Need a VPN

Take a look at some of the most common reasons you should use a VPN.

1. Security on Public Network

Public networks are found in public spaces like restaurants, cafes, libraries, malls, and bus stops and are often a convenient way for people to stay connected on the go. However, convenience comes at a cost. You compromise your security each time you connect to a public network and browse the internet. Whether you’re sending emails at a local café or simply scrolling through your Facebook feed at the mall, someone might be on to you and all your online activity.

Using a VPN in this case hides your identity from others on a public network plus prevents your banking info, browsing history and account passwords from falling into the hands of random possibly malicious strangers sharing the network.

2. Protection from your ISP

While you’re safer connected to your private Wi-Fi network at home, there’s still a possibility of your data being stolen. Although the likelihood of getting attacked by malicious strangers on the internet using a public network connection is high, the chances of your data being vulnerable are even higher.

Whichever internet service provider you go for, can easily see when, where, and how you use the internet. They have direct access to all your internet data which can be forwarded or sold to marketers and advertisers for research. Even a private browsing feature can’t save you from a data breach. But a VPN can hide your IP address from your TDS internet service provider or any other internet provider.

3. Data privacy from online apps and platforms

These tiny little icons on your desktop or smartphone collect all your data and use it however they want. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are a potential liability too apart from your ISP. Installing a VPN will prevent social media apps and websites from collecting your data through browser history, location, etc. to determine your behavior and trace it back to your device’s IP address.

4. Data privacy from government agencies

While most internet service providers pledge that they never sell your data to government agencies, the data always finds a way to land in their hands, even in the safest of countries. Edward Snowden is one of the most popular names in the cyber world for a reason. He disclosed that Verizon was making money by selling users’ phone and internet data to the NSA, warning them to become more aware of the ways the government monitors and tracks their movements.

Following the Snowden debacle, several laws were considered to limit government surveillance, and a significant rise in VPN downloads was noticed. VPN is an excellent way of protecting your data from unwarranted reach!

5. Access to content from anywhere in the world

While Netflix may not very much appreciate the use of VPN to stream the most recent episode of Modern Family in a country where it’s not offered, the use of VPN, in general, is not considered illegal. It finds an ideal loophole around content restrictions to satisfy your entertainment cravings. It changes your location, making it seem like you’re accessing the platform from another country, so you can always watch locally available content anywhere and everywhere.

6. Extra security for remote working

One of the best features of a VPN is data encryption. Encryption means converting readable data into an obscured and unreadable coded format which lets you keep protected and confidential information. If you run a business and want employees to connect to your office network and access confidential information and files on their own devices while working remotely, consider investing in a VPN. The prevalence of remote work is high in today’s post-pandemic world so a VPN investment makes sense!

7. Smart savings

Thanks to the location spoofing capabilities of a VPN, you can end up saving a ton of money if you just put in a little research. Most businesses, like airlines and streaming services, offer the same products at different rates. If you make it look like your location is in a different spot, you can find the same services at better prices and save up more!

8. It’s safe for multiple devices

While most of us usually download a VPN on a laptop, many VPN services are designed to protect other smart devices like your PCs, tablets, and smartphones. While each VPN company offers different plans and has varying capacities to protect a variety of devices, many VPN providers offer safe and secure plans to keep you and your data safe on different devices.

9. Prevents data throttling

Data throttling occurs when your ISP slows down your internet speed because you have fully consumed the available data you have. You can avoid being hit with a data cap by using a VPN as it hides the amount of data you’re using from your ISP. This also helps you choose a reliable data plan for when you’re on the road and need internet access. Using a VPN can hide data transmission and avoid any possibility of data throttling.

You will find a ton of VPN apps on the market that offer a number of different plans and different features! Pick one based on your needs and lifestyle. And make sure you have a stable internet connection to use VPN in the first place. TDS High-Speed Internet will make sure you have fast internet speeds for seamless VPN connectivity at all times!

To Wrap It Up

The reasons for using a VPN go beyond protection and security. It’s widely available, universally adaptable by multiple devices, offers access to restricted local content, ensures data privacy from government agencies, and hides your confidential information effectively.

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