High bay lights- types and benefits

High bay lights are modern day light fixtures for large ceiling areas. These high ceiling spaces are usually industries, exhibition centres, malls, gyms, etc. The lighting requirement in such areas is higher than usual public or task-oriented spaces. These ceiling light fixtures are largely of use in industries and warehouses because of their powerful features, which can withstand harsh conditions and function throughout the day.

Structure of high bay lights

A usual high bay light fixture comprises:


The housing of high bay light fixtures comprises aluminum which is highly resistant against corrosion because of certain harsh environmental factors like moisture, dirt, temperature fluctuation, shock, etc. Indoor environments where there is a high intensity of such factors these light fixtures prove to be quite capable.


HID or HPS lamps are severely in high bay light fixtures because of their brightness levels. These lamps are capable of producing more light, but they are quite redundant. The new wave came with light manufacturers introducing LED lamps for high bay fixtures. ever since then these lamps have quite the traction in the market. HID or HPS lamps are largely evicted because they produce a lot of heat and have shorter life spans. They have several drawbacks on their belts when it comes to long-term usage and sustainability. Moreover, LED lamps are available in retrofit designs, integrated LEDs or separately.

Frame/ reflector

High bay light fixtures are available in two major designs, round and linear. UFO high bay light is another name for round high bays. They have a circular shape which can be covered with reflectors for effective spread of lighting across different elevation levels. The different kind of reflectors are:

Acrylic reflectors

Parabolic reflectors

Aluminum reflectors

In linear high bays the lens or reflective material is incorporated in the outer cover or frame of the fixture.

Uses and benefits of LED high bay lights

In warehouses:

Warehouses are largely the backbone of any industrial setup. They require a lot of illumination because it is essential for proper storage and transportation of goods or raw materials for further processing.

There are shelves lined up in warehouses for storage, sampling and categorisation. It also involves the use of machinery. So the need for proper lighting is quite essential. (for different type of high bay lighting fixture click here).

In industries:

The infrastructure of any industry includes a schematic lighting layout which must be highly reliable and sustainable. It should reap long-term benefits as well as provide comfort and enhance productivity of the environment. Linear high bay lights are generally of use in industries as they are configured to meet the lighting requirements in such spaces.

Industries have a large floor to ceiling space to fill with lighting which also includes machinery, transport vehicles, goods and people working in that area. It is highly important that the light must be bright and powerful enough to facilitate several processes occurring within this space simultaneously. LED high bay lights provide general illumination as well as directional lighting to promote an efficient and functional environment.


As essential as these fixtures are, they have undoubtedly several upsides when it comes in comparison with traditional light fixtures.

Easy installation

LED high bay fixtures are quick and easy to install. They do not require any specific ceiling configurations. Most of these are available in retrofittable options which are relatively cheaper but not recommended for long term benefits. These light fixtures support two mounting options:

Surface mounting

Surface mounting is done on relatively lower ceiling areas where the adequate distance between fixture and ground is measured to ensure proper and even illumination. There are mounting clamps or brackets present at the back of the fixture which attach to the ceiling surface.

Suspend mounting

The same brackets or hooks provide room for chains to pass through it and the fixture can suspend at any height from the ceiling for effective illumination.

Energy efficiency

LED high bay lights are highly energy efficient as they consume lesser energy and produce brighter and abundant light. The efficiency is measured by means of wattage. At relatively lower wattage these lamps are capable of producing higher lumens. This factor makes them stand out as the usage of electricity across such spaces are quite high and a huge chunk of energy can be saved which results in increased cost savings.

Low management costs

The management of light fixtures is a hefty task when it comes to functional spaces. It interrupts the flow of production and causes several problems but with the use of LED high bay fixtures this is largely eliminated as they seldom require any maintenance or replacement. This ensures uninterrupted terms of usage with low costs of management.

Longer life spans

LED high bay lights have very long life spans. The warrantied period extends over 11 years and if well maintained they might last a year or two longer than average. This is plenty of time for any setup which has established grounds.

Conclusively, these fixtures provide more than just surface level benefits. They also contribute towards creating an ambient environment with smart lighting controls. LED fixtures are capable of producing light on a selected on customisable spectrum. The light is available in different colour temperatures ranging on a kelvin scale marked from 3000K(warm yellow) to 6000K( bright white). The colour rendering index is also above 80 which enhances the texture and ambience of the environment. It produces original colours, brings focus to detail around task spaces and reduces glare. The light from these fixtures is free of chemicals, toxins and radiation and promotes a healthier environment with reduced carbon footprint.


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