Hiring a Toledo Car Accident Attorney: What Can They Help You With?

As a car accident victim in Toledo, you may underestimate the complexity of your case. Following a car accident, you may think you just have to file an insurance claim with the insurer of the at-fault driver and you can get a check for all accident-related expenses you incurred. While this is possible with minor accidents, more serious accidents are not this simple. Insurance providers will use all possible strategies to challenge a claim that involves substantial damages. They want to reduce the value of your claim or deny it outright. 

If you have sustained serious injuries in a car accident, you need a Toledo car accident attorney to help you understand your options and protect your rights. Your lawyer will help you with the following:

Case Investigation

Investigating a car accident can be challenging on your own, especially as you are recovering from your injuries. You may be too hurt to speak with witnesses and take photos or videos after the accident. To build a strong case, you must not leave a stone unturned. A skilled attorney knows what evidence to collect and if it’s essential to work with expert witnesses. They do the leg work for you while you focus on recovery. 

Calculating Damages

Although you probably know you have mounting medical bills to pay and a car that must be repaired or replaced, you may not know if you need ongoing medical care. What about lost wages and psychological damages? All of these damages might not apply to your case, but you must ensure you ask the right questions. Without the assistance of an attorney, you may downplay your injuries and the accident itself. However, you must come up with a realistic and objective estimate of your losses. An experienced attorney can calculate all the damages you have suffered and ensure you recover the maximum compensation you deserve. 

Reviewing Your Legal Options

If you are like other car accident victims, you may not know your rights immediately. Usually, insurers take can take advantage of your situation to pay you less than what you deserve. An attorney will protect your rights and interests. The insurer may not provide the maximum compensation you deserve; however, your lawyer knows what the company owes you under the law and fight for maximum recovery. If the insurance company refuses to settle your case for the amount you demand outside of court, your attorney can file a lawsuit for you and take your case to court. 

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