Home Interior Tips for Partners with Different Aesthetic Tastes

Well, conjure up the images of a naturally lit bright room decked up with antiques, modern paintings, an old mirror, and a vintage leather chair. Of course, it can be a little complicated than imagining a cozy nest. But if you put in an effort, you can see distinct interior styles marrying and mingling with each other seamlessly. So, the point is you can make your home a haven of comfort and everything desirable, even with distinct preferences. It is just that you need to be careful about a few things. Here is a quick rundown on them to make your job easy.

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Stay away from external influences

The best process to approach the interior design of your home is to rely on your personal touch and individual preferences. Generally, people talk to friends and family members to get some more ideas and inspiration. While it can look harmless, the challenge is you can get distracted from your expectations. As a result, the new house may never feel like a home. That’s why you two should discuss among yourselves what you like and what you don’t. If you both prefer something different, you will need to look for a middle path that connects two unique styles.

The approach can justify any theme then, whether it involves eclectic aesthetics or sustainable modern. The home can also combine the feminine and masculine features through the wise use of colors, fabrics, and textures, lending itself a glamorous vibe.

Start with the common grounds

Precisely speaking, you can talk about whether your kitchen will have a golden touch in some form or the other. If yes, you can explore a gold kitchen fixture from Kraus or other such choices to utilize this aspect. Figuring out little things can be fun. But make sure you don’t get carried away with your options out of excitement as you finally find something of mutual interest. Of course, it is your home, and you both have the freedom to deck it up to your way. Still, it can prove costly in terms of the outcome. Hence, as a practice, you can stick to deciding on one or two focal points in every area. Discuss elements that can transition smoothly from one style to another without creating a sense of gap.

If golden color and kitchen seem like too much for a conversation starter on interiors, you can pick a living area and its décor. It can be relatively easier to choose things for this space as a living room doesn’t have to be too intimate. Plus, your attention would be on adding wow-factor to it for your guests, especially if you enjoy hosting parties like other couples. So, when you focus on this part of the house, you can begin with the choice of the sectional sofa to elegant floor rugs to wall artwork, and more.

Arrive at a primary style

Even though tastes and creative ideas can be unique, it is necessary to determine the base style to accommodate everything else. Interior designers believe it cannot be a cakewalk for any couple to pinpoint a specific style that merges their tastes. But you don’t need to worry about it. Instead, you can use different elements to tie two aesthetic senses together. It can be overwhelming at times, but if you get it right, the joy of achieving the goal will be no less divine. For this, you can start with the selection of large pieces of furniture, such as a coffee table, TV console, etc.

As you go over these items, smaller décor pieces will also draw your attention, leading you to shop for vases, accent tables, and others. In essence, you will be able to build a universe of smaller and bigger things in your living room and witness their final impact. You can take this as a cue and work on other corners of the house too.

However, some experts warn couples that gathering too many elements for the sake of distinctive styles in every area can be risky. You can go off the track. For example, you cannot expect a bold-colored gilded lamp to match the modern vibe of a straight-lined desk. Or, you cannot hope your vintage-style coffee table to mix with a Turkish rug. These things can look sloppy.

Things to consider

Like every other new couple, you both can have certain expectations from your home. It can be a dream to grace it with your personal touches in every nook and corner. While there is no harm in nurturing such thoughts, you cannot afford to ignore logical things. If two objects don’t complement each other naturally, there is no point in making them coordinate. You can only end up adding too many textures, colors, and elements to justify the presence of two distinct styles in the same corner. But it will only create visual clutter and confusion. Hence, it is essential to recognize these design errors.

Whether it is a shared dream or aspiration for you to have a home that reflects both of your tastes, a simple décor tends to be the most powerful in every sense. Its aesthetics and functionality can also sync well. To be precise, if you and your partner have different design goals, the safest way can be to implement simple changes in every corner. Thus, it will neither look too loud or too dull. Simultaneously, you can enjoy the overall appearance of your house as an extension of your and your partner’s personality.


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