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With mobile working you no longer have your ‘own’ desk, but flex desks. You can use a flexible workplace at the office, at home and on the road. How does that work? Read everything you need to know about flexible workplaces here.

What is a flexible workplace?

Mobile working means that you as an employee (partly) determine where and when you work. So you work independent of time and place. A flexible workplace is a place where you sit for a day or a few hours to perform certain tasks.

Flex desks can be at your own office, but also in external buildings. In the latter case, you usually pay for the time you use the place. There are also many coffee shops where you can work flexible hours for free, but there are often fewer facilities there. The home workplace is in fact a flexible workplace. You can also check some amazing work places at Del Mar office space.

Why use a flex workplace?

It has become increasingly easier to work flexibly. The desktop has fallen out of favor and the Internet is available virtually everywhere. In addition, there are remote worker monitoring tools and apps available that make working remotely easier.

Documents are in the cloud, a chat app allows short meetings between colleagues and video calling makes it seem like you are meeting live.

Zoom is the best video calling app for that. Video conferencing software like Zoom is very popular in this Covid time. People use it for various purposes. Official meeting, private meeting, remote working even recruiting is easy for this service. Zoom has very good integration system. You can even integrate a zoom teleprompter app for subtitles during the video call.

Benefits of flexible working

So there is nothing in the way of your employees to be able to work flexibly. Not being tied to a desk has its advantages. Different tasks require different types of workplaces.

For example, the quiet room to work on that report in a focused manner or the open-plan office to finish the last stretch together with your project team. Or at home, to pick up the children in the afternoon.

The next day, a flex desk along the highway is the most practical, because then your employee can work effectively for a few hours between appointments.

How do you create the right flex workspaces (for your employees)?

Many companies that are switching to mobile working also tackle the workplace (in phases). Open plan offices, call booths, quiet zones and brainstorming rooms are common terms in these types of new offices.

It is important to find out in advance which tasks the different employees perform and how much need there is for which type of rooms. There is nothing more annoying than when there are too few meeting rooms and employees therefore have to meet with customers in the open-plan office on a daily basis. Also not effective for the other employees. Del Mar CA office space provide flexible places best to work at.

Mobile working in practice

Have fellow companies already switched to mobile working? Then take a look at their office and ask what they would do differently if they redecorated the office.

Do not forget to include the meeting areas (often near the coffee machine) in your plan of action.

Because employees are increasingly working outside the home, the office is increasingly taking on the function of a meeting place.


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