How and where to Play Online Skill Games for Online Money Prizes

Games never go out of fashion, do they? We doubt it. Irrespective of the age bar, we all turn to some or the other game to find our peace and calm or just that quick getaway.  Whether you’re at work and are having a hectic or a boring day or at home or just need a breather, switch on to any of the games and it acts like a quick fix. Now, the fun part is all the games nowadays are skill-based and do help in some or the other way to build and enhance your skills. Bonus points are that they also let you earn and win some exciting bonuses, prizes and real time money! So, get your gaming skills on and ace it like a champion. In case, you’re wondering where and how to find games that will fetch you these then we’ve listed a few down below just for you. Give it a quick read!

1. Arcade Games

Are typically individual console games designed to play one or more games? They include video games, pin-ball machine games or merchandiser games. They also fall under the popular category as most of the games we play nowadays are arcade games.

One of the many examples of the arcade style games that are played to earn real money or prizes is ‘Arcade Pusher’. It is available on both the android and ios devices. Want to know the best part about it, it does not require any sort of purchase or payments. Oh! It is a video machine game that means it has really good animation, graphics and music. All you have to do is tap the screen, drop and push the balls throughout and you can stand a chance to win real cash, huge bonuses, jackpot, and exciting prizes.

2. Card Games

There’s nothing that can beat or stand a chance when it comes to online rummy card games, they’re the OG’s in this field, and we can’t agree more! Be it the traditional method or the new method this style of game only uses Cards as the primary device! Yes, card games do require a certain skill set, a lot of concentration and many times considered to be a luck-based game. But that completely depends on the card game you choose and how you happen to play it. The numbers are countless and most of them do fetch you some good wins that include real time cash, prizes etc. Rummy is one popular skill game that is widely played across the world. It also tests the players cognitive skills and helps hone them. It offers a wide range of games with a free sign-up for everybody. The loyalty benefits are vast and, the withdrawals are quick, easy and super-efficient.

3. Word Games

Yet another popular skill-based game to improve your memory! Word games or word search are typically similar to puzzle games. The user interface is designed in such a manner that it tests your diction and language knowledge.

If you’re on the lookout for a game that will help you relax, calm you down after a long hectic day while also getting yourself to win some exciting cash prizes, then Word to Win is a game where you can play and win real cash. You just got to find and form words from the given puzzle. The wins are daily as well as monthly that are worth $ 5,000. Not just that, you get scratch cards where you can win up to $ 2,500 instantly.

4. Fantasy Sports

These are typically a group of different types of games under one category where you put together a virtual team to play and win against. From Cricket, Football to Soccer and many more are examples of fantasy sports games. You get to earn points based on real life statistics.

Cricket for example is one of the most popular and most loved games all over the world and more so in India to be precise. The fantasy cricket game is no less! The app ensures best user experience and security. The feel is just like you would experience at the stadium. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? From getting to form your own real team to getting real life match updates on the go, it does it all. It also gives you exclusive promotions, offers and cash prizes you’d drool over. If you’re a newbie and are just starting off then don’t you worry as the game does give you many sessions where you get to practice before you can get that win.

All of the above are popular skill-based games that are easily available and accessible from anywhere in the world. They’re 100% legal and the cash prizes are real time and genuine. They are a sure shot way to play games online and win money! Yes, the future of such games definitely seems bright since most of us prefer such games. Give it a shot and you’re sure to get hooked on it too.!


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