How Are Cryptocurrency Casinos Different Than Online Casinos?

Casino activities have moved online making it convenient for the majority of gamblers to try their luck. However, the new addition to the online gambling landscape is Bitcoin or cryptocurrency casinos. Bitcoin or crypto is a digital currency that has changed how people conduct financial transactions on the internet. Today, the online gambling industry is heavily invested in blockchain technology development and cryptocurrency adoption.

How are crypto casinos different from online casinos?

Provably Fair and total transparency makes a difference

Today, a majority of online casinos have started accepting deposits and withdrawals through cryptocurrency or e-wallet. They allow gamblers to wage at their casino with the credits bought using Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. A genuine Bitcoin casino not just trades BTC for casino credits but even operates on blockchains. Their games, websites, personal data, and wagers are directly placed on the blockchain network. It means you gain security from the most innovative encryption platform recognized today.

While processing on the blockchain network, you can confirm Bitcoin transactions and track the validity of every game result you played because unique hash records are available. The Fair gaming feature empowers the gambler to review each reel spin, every dice roll, and every single blackjack hand. Thus you can find out if there is 3rd party interference or the game is unaltered.


Online casinos ensure to robustly protect their gambler’s personal as well as financial data using 128-bit SSL encryption. On the other hand, blockchain is innovative and an efficient platform to exchange decentralized information securely. Encryption security and blockchain technology work on math via mining networks. Every transaction conducted via blockchain is recorded in a specific ledger.

Exceptional crypto gambling pros 

  • Matchless security – Blockchain is virtually impenetrable technology that offers you an unparalleled level of data protection and privacy.
  • Transaction transparency – It is a peer-to-peer transaction that allows you to see who you received and sent money to. Besides you gain access to Provably Fair game reviews associated with the individual game you played.
  • Discreet experience – You just need an e-wallet code for blockchain transactions. Gambling at a genuine crypto casino needs little personal details to sign up and no documentation while withdrawing.
  • Flexible financing options – The unmatched processing speed, advanced security, and low cost make cryptocurrencies a superior choice for the online transaction. More and more online casinos are accepting cryptocurrencies of different types but you are also given other financing options like credit cards and online wallets.
  • Better game selection – Blockchain casino gambling is not limited to playing special games with limited animations and poor graphics. Today, genuine crypto casinos are offering exclusive games designed for blockchain technology. Bitcoin transactions offer access to live dealer games and award-winning slots.
  • Better payout percentage – Online casinos have low operating cost and operators using blockchain mining offer an overall payout of 99%. It is better than what you receive from online casinos [93%-97%].

Traditional online casinos will not vanish as they are big and have the finance and resources to promote. Besides, the majority of gamblers don’t understand the distinction between both types. They just desire a great gambling experience.

On the other hand, blockchain casinos are discovering their audience! The casino marketplace is projected to double in upcoming years. Blockchain-based games offer transparency, fair game, lack of 3rd party, and instant payouts, which several gamblers come in search of, while there are others that gamble for fun.


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