Life and problems are interconnected. There is no aspect of life where we are problem-free. The digital world is no different in that matter. However, the advancement of technology is done to remove one or the other problem. Every technological device or application is made with a target of solving certain problems and providing easier life in that field.

Well, there’s no doubt that technology aims at making things problem-free. However, technology isn’t that successfully reachable to the regional audience of India. To be precise, the benefits of the digital world are not accessible to the regional audience that cannot shake hands with English. Taking this into consideration, India launched an Android application called The Bolkar App, available in languages other than English.

Before we jump to the problems that the app has solved, we must know what the app is all about.

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In short, the Bolkar app is an audio-based knowledge-sharing platform. It allows users to ask questions using voice and receive audible answers.

What are the problems that the Bolkar app solves?


In India, there are different languages in different areas. English is still one of those languages which are not known to thousands in the country. The most common language spoken is Hindi. Bolkar solves this problem. It is an application made to make knowledge and the benefits of digitalization available to the regional audience. The app is started in Hindi and Bengali languages, but seeing its success, it is all set to work towards bringing other languages into the field too.


One problem that a lot of people face while using the internet is spelling errors. This is one of the problems with the regional audience that cannot type and search in English.

Bolkar app solves this problem by removing the typing feature. There is no need to type, as it allows people to make use of voice search to ask questions and hear answers in their local language. Bolkar understands the value of going digital these days, thus it imparts access to the regional audience in their everyday language.


In India, some people are hesitant to speak up. They have this feeling of unworthiness for the fact of not understanding, or not speaking in English. These people may have a variety of questions to ask, opinions to make, and wisdom to share, but they lack the confidence. Bolkar has provided a comfortable community where they are made bold, confident, and worthy enough to speak up.

It is often assumed that if a person doesn’t understand or doesn’t speak in English, he or she may not be wise enough. Bolkar removes this assumption by allowing all individuals to voice up in their language. These people are given the freedom to give guidance to others, share their opinions, and help others with the knowledge they have in their language.


There are various categories like banking, finance, and employment where these people lack knowledge, sometimes.

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Bolkar allows experts in these fields to provide guidance and advice in simpler terms that the regional people can easily comprehend. If they were to ask such questions to investment experts, they may not understand the terminology used. The speakers at Bolkar can provide the guidance and help in easily understandable terms and language.


In different regions especially, the rural or not so developed regions, the students lack resources to help in their studies other than their textbooks. These students cannot take advantage of online career-based applications due to two major reasons: first, because these apps run in English. Second, these do not solve a student’s query for free. The financial constraint also blocks them there.

The students from the not so developed regions lack the resources because of the above-stated problems. However, Bolkar is a problem-solver for them too. The career and academic section in the app lets users ask questions in their language, and that too for free. The app doesn’t charge fees for providing guidance and help to students.

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The students often need career counseling in helping them decide which road to take in terms of career. Bolkar also includes the category where various experts in the field can help these students coming from different regional backgrounds, that too without charging any fees. Just by downloading the app on their smartphones or laptops, the world of knowledge and help is open to them.


The regional audience may not be updated about the various events happening around the world. Bolkar aims at providing the news regarding all the latest events in the world. It aims at increasing the awareness of the citizens of India; even if they are from the least developed areas of the country.

Bolkar believes that knowledge, information, help and guidance should be available to people of all regions. The educational background, the economic background, the place, and the language shouldn’t be a barrier for anyone wanting to give or receive help and guidance.

The application has already been able to solve many problems of the regional audience. Even though it’s currently available in Hindi and Bengali, it has been successful in the intention of helping individuals of regions not in touch with English. Over 100k+ users have acknowledged and appreciated Bolkar

as a problem-solver for them. It has become one of the most loved, comfortable, audio-based guidance and knowledge platforms.

To conclude, Bolkar app by solving various problems has been successful in opening the floodgates of the digital world’s benefit to all, especially, the regional audience. There has been a rapid rise in the number of users, and the number of questions asked on the app per day. The substantial increase in both has proven that the Bolkar app is one of those problem-solving genies which people from all regions should use for their benefits.

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