How can I buy the top five vitamin supplements cheaper

How can I buy the top five vitamin supplements cheaper?

You may have come here looking for an outline of the top five vitamin supplements, but every single one of these lists conflicts with every single other one out there, and that depends entirely on your age, gender, health and many other factors. I will say that the most important vitamins for your body are vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin D, vitamin B and vitamin B12. These are critical vitamins, things that your body absolutely needs to function, as they serve as electrolytes, compounds for cellular respiration and many other things.

The problem is, most of these vitamins can be obtained through eating, if you have a particularly healthy diet, so most nations don’t consider vitamin supplements to be something critical to health, ergo they are rarely supplemented financially, with the exception of certain nations with socialized healthcare. So, you will have to buy vitamin supplements online, if you want to get them cheaper. Given how hard it is for us to eat healthy due to many healthy foods being unappealing to most American palates, and the cost behind healthy eating in this country, something has to give.

How is this cheaper in other countries?

So, you may be wondering how it’s cheaper to order vitamin supplements online from a Canadian pharmacy. The thing is, it’s not actually cheaper for the people in the country. Pharmaceuticals, especially things like vitamins, cost what they cost no matter where you look in the world, with a small margin due to local manufacturing and lack of importing and certain nations. But this stuff still isn’t cheap, the cost is simply offset and the boxes are ticked through a different channel.

Socialized healthcare means that taxes pay for these medicines, which does have the practical benefit of ensuring access to pharmaceuticals on a per-case basis without having to worry about cash in pocket. But, ultimately, everyone is still paying what you pay here, but you can game the system a little bit, and take advantage of this loophole.

What loophole are you talking about?

If you want cheaper vitamin supplements, you need only purchased through a place like Canada, where you are paying into their tax system. Since the high cost of things like vitamins are offset by these taxes, you actually get that cheaper price point reflected on the shelves. Yes, it will escalate a little tiny bit, because customs fees and shipping are a thing, but it will still be far cheaper than any pharmacy in the United States, let alone any of those ridiculous nutrition stores out there. Yes, you know the ones I’m talking about!

If you order vitamin supplements online, and you buy vitamin supplements that are generic versions, you are also getting the same thing at an even cheaper price and free pharmacy delivery Thus, at the end of it, you might save upwards of over half the price, possibly even more, and this is with shipping and customs fees included.

It is also worth noting that when you buy from an online supplier, you are paying for a lot less overhead, even if you were to use such a place in the United States. Brick-and-mortar places have employees, facilities to make it more comfortable for customers, property insurance and other things that drive up costs even further.






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