How can I calculate the online slots wagering terms? 

The slot wagering term is a concept which many newer players of titles like Thunderstruck 2 slot fail to understand. Unfortunately, this becomes quite troublesome for them as it is incredibly important. 

What is the wagering term of a slot? 

The wagering term is also known as the wagering requirement and it is essentially a safeguard put in place by online casinos to ensure that players don’t sign up to their site and immediately withdraw the cash they have been given as part of a promotion or bonus. The wagering requirement requires a player to deposit a specific amount of cash before they are eligible to withdraw their winnings. The wagering requirement of a slot can change depending on which casino you are using, some will require players to be 30x the bonus money whilst others will require players to wager 40x. All online casinos must clearly display the wagering requirement for a bonus or promotion, however online casinos will usually leave the specific calculations of a wagering requirement to the player.

How to calculate the wagering term 

Calculating the wagering term is important, players won’t be aware of the amount they need to wager in order to withdraw otherwise. Unfortunately, calculating the wagering term is not easy as it can change depending on how much the player has bet.

  1. Generally, the rule that a player should follow when calculating the wagering requirement is that the amount that you need to wager should be multiplied with your bonus money. This answer will reveal the overall wagering requirement.
  2. For example, if a wagering requirement is 30x and the player proceeds to deposit £20 into their account, the calculation would be 20 x 30. The answer to this is 600, this means that a player will have to wager at least £600 before they can withdraw their winnings.
  3. There are sometimes 0x wagering limits, this means that players can withdraw their winnings straight away and don’t have to worry about meeting a wagering requirement.

Other things to bear in mind 

The wagering requirement is not always a simple concept to understand, there are several things that players should bear in mind while calculating it. 

  •     Every slot promotion and bonus will have a wagering term of some kind, you should always check the wagering requirement in the terms and conditions before using a bonus in order to avoid any nasty surprises.
  •     You can always contact support if you feel too confused by everything. Casino support is there to help and they will always do their best to explain things to players in a clear and concise manner, don’t feel embarrassed about asking for help! Support is usually contacted through email, live chat or even a telephone line. Live chat is the most prominent method and they would be happy to workout the sum of your wagering requirement for you.

Final Thoughts 

Calculating the slot wagering terms will help to inform players as to how much they need to wager in order to withdraw their winnings. There are multiple ways this can be done, players can do the calculations themselves or contact online support.


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