How can payroll systems help SMEs to be more efficient?


In simple words, payroll is the system a company uses to keep track of employee pay, bonuses, pension payments, and tax contributions while paying them at specific times (A list of a company’s employees and the amount of money they are to be paid). This system allows a company to keep its staff’s morale up with an efficient business operation.


If your business is growing, you should focus on how to better the payroll system already put in place, and see how further automation will work across the organization at scale. Inspect other work-streams related to the payments for evaluating payroll management processes. HMRC requirements should also be given some thought.

This requires records of payslips, pension contributions, taxable benefits, and national insurance payments to be generated daily as well as when requested. Apply penalties for late filings with interest capitalization if not resolved. Payroll being compliant with PAYE is also crucial. Submitting payroll information in real-time is now required for HMRC (when it used to be in arrears).

Another benefiting factor would be payment technology trends (APIs, payment aggregators, and real-time accounting). Payroll software received an update to cloud-based computing allowing payroll to move to a company-wide services provider.


Using excel for payroll management systems can be a demanding task. Although, it’s simple to do; it takes a lot of time to do. Macros, version control, and manual inputs, all need to be carried out, and that, as mentioned above, is very time-consuming (it also makes it difficult to rely on sensitive processes).

As of now, several accountants, payroll bureaus, and small business owners manage payments to employees and suppliers. The process is mostly manual, and the file transfers aren’t very secure between different software solutions and systems. This manually intensive process takes a lot of time and effort to do, making it hard for the accountants and payroll bureaus that take care of the process. It also carries the risk of several errors.


This problem is shrewd for third parties that receive payroll instructions. Modulr can bring new technology to the market with this opportunity. New avenues for SMEs can be reached with Modulr’s new innovative technology. With the help of the sandbox API, you can tailor the software to meet your requirements; allowing Modulr clients to make changes directly with the existing software.

STP, short for straight-through-processing, is the standard when making payments that are necessary for firms in finance. Modulr has the option to automate payments and is a member of CHAPS, Bacs, Faster, and SEPA payment schemes. Modulr will also add MasterCard and SWIFT payment methods in the future.


Before, Fintech was only available for the more successful companies of banking and finance; but now they’re ready to take advantage of the existing payment architecture. This opens up various new opportunities in enterprise payments, open banking reforms, and API acceptance across traditional networks; offering more better choices to companies when referred to payment providers, aggregation, and analysis.


It’s important that you pay your employees and suppliers on time. Care for business necessities and growth plans; scope out new technologies to better your system, especially when considering payroll systems. Several firms still operate payroll system software in a silo, so SMEs wanted to optimize processes may expect automation, transparency, and data analysis. They’re just the basics, but every company must keep them in mind.

Related to sage’s capabilities, a statement was made that stated that customers and accountants will find real-time visibility of payments super beneficial with seamless reconciliation of payment data into Sage’s Accounting and Payroll products and role-based access controls. What that means is you can track and manage a full audit trail of activity related to income and outgoing payments; providing full control of crucial parts of anyone’s business.

Demands made by SMEs can overtake services that stand-alone providers offer. Larger companies find it crucial to thoroughly search across the entire company enterprise and keeping their Integrated HR and payroll software up-to-date. Modulr’s payment technology can be improved when combined with Sage’s business enterprise systems, offering great benefits under a single platform.

Sage Salary and Supplier payments that are powered by Modulr allow its users to open several payment accounts with no limitations to how many they can create. They’re free to make payments whenever they want with 24/7 service with no days off, making the need to switch to a different software obsolete.

This allows SME customers of Modulr to be able to automate vital financial processes directly from their products which, for the consumer, is very beneficial. This not only eases their task, but also takes up less time, allowing you to save time on administrative processes. You can control the flow of money via the software as well as improve security and reduce costs. You can visit this site to know about the importance issues Help with Payroll Tax.

Such partnerships allow companies to capture more market share together via shaping innovation in the payroll space, supporting SMEs to an enormous extent.

With that said, that concludes our article. We hope this article proves useful to you. If you have any further questions/queries, feel free to contact us anytime!


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