How can you hire temporary services for your production work?

Temporary service companies are the only ones authorized to carry out labour intermediation. Through the sending of workers on a mission to all companies. In this way, the employees are considered as temporary company workers. On the other hand, they provide their services to the contractor, guaranteeing the quick company to the workers a legal employment contract and all its legal conditions.

Way to hire temporary services for your production work

  • When looking for job offers, we must observe that the principles of work contemplated by the International Labour Organization, ILO, are always followed:
  • That the job complies with the conditions of formality in hiring (fair salary and paid on time).
  • Social protection and worker rights. Such as a good work environment, safety and health conditions necessary to perform it.
  • Social dialogue is being able to participate in conversation and debates about work, its forms and conditions.
  • The preceding applies to all types of jobs and their forms of contracting, including those of temporary service.

On what occasions can temporary service companies supply the staff?

According to article 77 of Law 50 of 1990, temporary service companies may only hire personnel in the following cases:

  • To carry out occasional, transitory or accidental tasks.
  • To replace personnel on vacation, leave or disabled due to illness.
  • Support when there is an increase in the production, transport and sale of products or merchandise.
  • To carry out occasional, accidental or transitory tasks, which cannot exceed one month. Additionally, they must be activities outside those customarily carried out by the company that requires them.
  • To cover the work of workers who enjoy vacations or use any left.
  • When there is a need to increase the production, transportation or sales of goods or products, special seasons and the provision of a service for six months extendable for another six months.

Why join a temporary services company?

The employee will always be the key to the organization. Being in a temporary job, he also has the same labour guarantees because the activity carried out is temporary or vikar, but the worker is not. In this way, job offers to specify that they will have permanent rotational stability and a legal contract.

On the other hand, temporary work also provides opportunities for those who have extensive work experience. This, without a doubt, is an excellent option to start acquiring it.

Temporary work is also of great benefit to people and young people who are still in the study stage and do not have all the availability to work. This way, they will access job offers for short periods without affecting their study schedules.

Advantages of hiring temporary service companies

  • Receive high-quality, specialized services.
  • Have the required staff in the shortest time.
  • Reduce efforts in administrative and financial controls.
  • Reduce search times, selection and hiring of personnel.
  • Reduce costs in contracting processes.

What are ESTs?

These companies whose corporate purpose is to provide temporary services to third-party beneficiaries are called user companies through the direct hiring of natural persons called temporary workers, who are sent to the user companies to develop the activity or service they have contracted. On the other hand, the only people who will carry out the temporary work is the EST.

What are the rights of temporary workers?

Initially, they must earn a salary equivalent to that received by the workers of the user company who perform the same or similar activities. Likewise, they must enjoy the benefits that the user company grants its workers in terms of transportation, food and recreation.

What measures should user companies like DK Vikarservice adopt to minimize the risks of setting up an actual contract or the existence of joint and several liabilities? Verify that the EST is authorized to validly carry out the activity of labour intermediation before the Ministry of Labour. Also, request a monthly copy from the EST of the documents that certify the fulfilment of its obligations with the Comprehensive Social Security System. On the other hand, avoid assigning to employees on mission functions that do not correspond to the tasks of their assignment, that is, activities that deviate from the contract for the provision of services entered into with the EST and from the agreement that the latter has entered into with the employee.

It should not be ignored not to extend the hiring of a worker on a temporary basis for a period greater than that allowed by labour legislation for each case.

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