How CBD Oil Can Improve Your Sex Life

Cannabis products are used worldwide to target most ailments including seizures, inflammation, depression, pain, and anxiety. While more research is still underway, experts say that CBD oil can also be used as a natural Viagra.

Stress and anxiety are a major cause of lowered sex drive but with the right dosage of CBD, you can easily manage the situation. Likewise, further studies show that increased blood flow, balanced hormones, and good sleep can help improve your sex drive. 

Here are ways in which a cbd oil 300mg may help to improve intimacy.

  • Erectile dysfunction

Approximately 19% of men globally suffer from ED. Even so, there are certain pharmaceutical drugs available to help treat this disorder. 

Unfortunately, this medication may cause adverse side effects like nasal congestion, migraines, and heartburn. CBD being an organic supplement is considered the perfect alternative to boost libido and manage erectile dysfunction. 

One theory about this stimulant is that it stimulates the ECS receptors in the reproductive organs, like the penis, causing arousal. Also, CBD promotes blood flow within the organs; a smooth flow of blood to the groin can eliminate ED and improve sexual performance.

  • Pain reliever

Sexual intercourse is meant to be enjoyable and fulfilling for both parties. However, if you experience pain during sex, it can be stressful. This condition is known as dyspareunia and is common in sexually active women. 

It creates a barrier that prevents women from becoming intimate or even achieving orgasm. Topical CBD is known to be an analgesic, meaning it has the potential to eliminate pain and restore intimacy. 

It also plays the role of a muscle relaxer, therefore reducing tension within the vagina wall. You can also use cannabidiol suppositories and lubricants to increase the sensation and lubrication of the vaginal tissues as well.

  • Less Stress, More Libido

Stress is a major cause of lowered sexual appeal. It is also evident that sexual performance anxiety can also derail your performance in bed. 

The fear of not being good enough during sex can cause panic or while others can’t handle the thought of being rejected by their partners. CBD being a natural Anti-depressant, may help reduce stress and increase libido. 

The endocannabinoid system in the body triggers the production of serotonin receptors which reduces the production of the stress hormone, cortisol. 

More studies show that reducing the level of stress and anxiety can help the users relax and be more apt to the game. See this link for more 

  • Initiating emotional intimacy

Among all the other potential benefits of this stimulant is the ability to initiate a deeper emotional intimacy during intimacy. It gets you wanting to cuddle, caress, hug and bond more tightly with your partner. 

This feeling is associated with improved sensation and organism in both men and women. plus, it also helps maintain a penile erection, making you last longer in bed. 

If you are wondering how CBD works to achieve this, here is how. It increases the production of anandamide associated with the love hormones, which translates to a Kamasutra-eques experience.

  • Balancing hormone levels

Sexual urge is associated with balanced hormonal levels. If you are dealing with mixed emotions like anger or frustrations chances of being productive are minimal. A balanced body is fertile and active. 

Reports from the World Health Organization (WHO) explain the relationship between CBD and maintaining hormone balance as assertive. 

When the Endocannabinoid System interacts with the natural endocannabinoids, they create a harmonized environment in the body known as homeostasis. Likewise, this supplement eliminates stress in the body, hence keeping your hormones at bay.

  • Achieving Orgasm

This is another way CBD oil can enhance libido and lengthen the orgasmic duration. For most women, achieving orgasm is the most crucial part of women and it can get so frustrating if you can’t climax. 

Correspondingly, lack of sexual satisfaction can make sexual acts so boring and unpleasant. Although various female Libido booster pills can help eliminate the situation, CBD oil is considered the safest and most effective mode of treatment. 

As mentioned, CBD oil promotes a smooth flow of blood across the organs. An increased blood flow to the vaginal wall increases nerve sensation and intensifies the orgasm. 

  • Poor lubrication

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Poor lubrication of the female genitals during sex can cause pain and discomfort. Vaginal dryness is associated with many factors such as childbirth, depression, breastfeeding, Immune disorder, and more. 

Luckily, there are special feminine lubricant laced with CBD available for women who suffer from dyspareunia. Nevertheless, if the pain persists, always consult a physician to rule out possible vaginal infection.

  • Increased Energy and Alertness

Sex requires effort for better performance. Nevertheless, you do not have to break your leg in the process. As long as you are in the mood, everything else flows naturally. 

But, if you are tired, stressed, or hungry, you may not perform to your level best. Cannabidiol plays an important role in keeping your body energized and alert thorough out the entire process. 

It also eliminates daily stresses and gets you in a good mood. Click here to learn more.


Sex is the main reagent for a stronger relationship. For this reason, you have to work in your game to achieve total satisfaction. Nonetheless, daily stressors, anxiety, menopause, fatigue, and other factors can derail you from achieving climax. Luckily emerging evidence suggests that CBD oil may be used to enhance one’s sex drive without any psychoactive effect.


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