How dangerous are truck accidents?

Due to their size, weight, limited mobility, and significant blind areas, trucks are intrinsically more risky than passenger vehicles. Learn about the risks associated with truck collisions so you can take the necessary precautions when driving. And also take help from the Manhattan, KS Truck Accident Attorney regarding these accidents. 

How Dangerous Are Truck Accidents?

In the case of an accident, a tractor-trailer that is completely loaded might cause severe and even deadly injuries. To avoid truck accidents on the road, it is in the best interests of drivers to know what makes them so dangerous.

There are three things, among others, that make trucks dangerous for other motorists:

Size and weight: Trucks’ size and weight are the primary factors that make them so hazardous for other motorists. A truck’s ability to total smaller cars and inflict fatal or catastrophic harm on occupants when it is fully laden.

Poor maneuverability: Trucks are hard to handle because of their size and weight, which also makes rapid traffic changes challenging. Due to this inherent safety fault, it is advised that truck drivers travel at, if not even slightly below, the legal speed limit. Additionally, it is advised that drivers wait to pass a truck until they can see the front of the vehicle in their rear mirror to provide for the vehicles’ necessary braking distance.

Large blind spots: Due to the size of trucks, it is challenging or impossible for truck drivers to see cars directly in front of, behind, and to either side of them. A good general rule to remember is to presume that the driver of the truck cannot see the car if you cannot see him or her in the side-view mirror of the truck.


Trucks that are badly maintained or driven carelessly can seriously hurt other road users. If this occurs to you, it may be weeks or months before you’re able to resume your usual routine. Your health and pocketbook may be significantly impacted by a vehicle accident.

Truck accidents may still occur regardless if you’re aware of all the risks on the road. Personal injury lawyers are available to assist if a truck accident has damaged you or someone you care about. They are aware of the terrible effects a truck accident could have on your life and level of independence. They want to assist you in getting the most money possible so you can rebuild your life.

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