How do leading digital currencies promote their brands?

It is wrongly perceived that all marketing campaigns are created equally or in the same way using the same template. However, it’s not true, at least when it comes to working with them. For instance, a local retail business cannot be marketed in the same way as an international organization. Just as marketing teams won’t and don’t promote a brick-and-mortar business the same way they promote an e-commerce or online business. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that all authentic cryptocurrencies and digital currency marketing platforms have their own unique way of promoting themselves to the market. With over 1,500 new platforms or “altcoins,” proponents of these platforms should opt to do something to stand out from the crowd. This is especially true for any platform that wants to compete with Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency in use today.

So, the question remains. How do companies sell digital or cryptocurrency?

1. By keeping your messages simple

The trick to increase awareness of a particular product or service is to sell it to the mainstream. With cryptocurrencies, this is incredibly difficult because the technology is highly complex, especially for a non-professional. Cryptocurrencies and related technologies are also very comprehensive and often rely on popular buzzwords and industry jargon, which could be more apparent to those unfamiliar with the terms. Thus, PR agencies like can help you achieve your goal.

Crypto brands and platform managers benefit from simplifying their messages and even presentation or content in a more visual format. One of the best marketing strategies for any new product is to first launch an educational or training campaign that helps inform the audience and potential customers. This is precisely what many crypto providers should do if they haven’t already.

2. By respecting the business’ goal

Today, there are so many different cryptocurrencies that it is almost impossible to stand out from the crowd. Cryptocurrency marketers must do something that not only differentiates them from their competitors but also benefits the world at large. This is why many cryptocurrencies emerge with a specific purpose. 

 PS: What’s yours?

Ubiq, for example, is a cryptocurrency designed to support smart contracts and decentralized applications – just like Ethereum. Cortex provides “state-of-the-art” artificial intelligence and powerful machine learning models within the domain of blockchain technology. Also, Power Ledger, WePower, EnergyCoin – and many others – are just examples designed to enable secure trading of electricity and energy between private parties via the blockchain. THE WORLD IS GOING DIGITAL; WHY AREN’T YOU?

When marketing cryptocurrency, find something that will resonate with customers and help support the network as a whole. Of course, incorporating this process into the basic design helps, but it’s also something to think about before marketing.

3. By supporting all potential clients

The early days are critical for any new infant cryptocurrency or blockchain-based platform because they absolutely need to establish an audience from scratch and continue to improve growth and usage in time. Once interest and involvement fade, so will cryptocurrency. In addition to traditional marketing strategies, teams must also do everything they can to support potential and existing customers.

They build relationships and regularly reach out to their target audience. Influencers and spokespeople appear in the press and seek as much coverage as possible.

The development team will also create a hub or community where customers can come together to benefit or to benefit from each other, and the team can interact or chat with them directly through chat support – online communities and forums are great for this purpose. Representatives can also invite developers, cryptographers, analysts and influencers to discuss and test the platform.

Launching crypto and then releasing it to the masses without further action is one of the worst things a team can do. We need to continue to support the platform no matter what, and that means continuing to provide potential clients with the resources they need.

4. By sharing knowledge and experience

Ethereum has received almost endless press attention because of its founder, Vitalik Buterin, a prominent speaker and a leading authority on the field. He is such a valuable influencer not only because he is open about his platform but also because of how he does it. He is always ready to answer any queries or questions and support his community all the time; he regularly discusses related technologies and the world of blockchain in general and constantly shares his knowledge and experience with the general public.

Crypto marketing teams should take inspiration from Buterin and others like him, including Angel Vercetti, Jez Sun, Charlie Lee and Gavin Andresen. Successful teams constantly explain what they are trying to achieve and what problems they want to solve.

Regular public communication is vital, but even more important is the idea that teams give something in return. Teams should always spend time providing knowledge, experience and insight to their community, which will lead to more attention than anyone knows what to do.

5. By not paying heed to market capitalization and initial coin price

Almost all cryptocurrencies are unstable in terms of price and value. Bitcoin is one of the most outstanding examples of this and its constant change. One day, everything is incredibly positive, and the next, it can all talk about doom and gloom.

This suggests that both market capitalization and coin prices are constantly changing, so there is no point in advertising a specific limit or range. In the short term range, teams have absolutely no control over what happens other than providing early adopters and support. It’s not about burying your head in the sand but about staying relevant and focusing on what’s important.

Summing it up – cryptocurrency is a strange beast!

The world of cryptocurrencies is a strange beast in itself. There are so many different forms of using this technology, and there are different levels of success and failure. With so much competition, it makes sense, but it’s exciting nonetheless. With the right guidance and support from trustworthy PR agencies, you can ace and achieve your goal in no time, so don’t save your time and money here and there. 


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