How do you transport a dog long distance

How do you transport a dog long distance? 

Sooner or later, every dog ​​owner is faced with the question of what carrier to buy for his beloved pet for travelling. The problem, as a rule, arises suddenly, because the animal can get sick and, to deliver it to the veterinary clinic by the same public transport or by taxi, the owner of the dog will have to buy this attribute anyway. What can we say about travel or banal trips to the country?

Therefore, it is better to take care of the choice of a hundebur in advance, approaching the process with all responsibility, because it will not be you, but your beloved animal. It may also experience stress from an uncomfortable place of stay in it—in addition, carrying plays the role of specific protection for the animal from external influences and various irritants.

The dog needs its shelter, a cozy burrow with a roof over its head. You’ve probably noticed that dogs love to lie under tables and chairs. The feeling of psychological comfort and safety for animals is provided by a small opaque space where they can curl up into a ball.

A bolted hundebur is needed primarily for the comfort of the owners. It is purchased for destruction dogs and gnawing dogs. Exhausted with the constant destruction of the apartment, the owners buy a cage. The only thing that they later regret that they did not believe it right away is recommended to all their friends.

hundebur should be purchased when a puppy appears in the house. She will teach him to purity, discipline. At 5-6 months, the puppy is already able to endure until you come home from work, and if it does not stand it, and then relieves the need for a diaper. Dogs are clean and will not defecate directly on the bed they sleep in.

The puppy gnaws only toys in the arena. And as he grows up, he will know – you can gnaw rubber balls, not furniture.

Also, hundebur is indispensable for frequent or long trips. Your dog will not be able to get to the bags with purchases and other things, and even simply, with sharp braking, the dog will not fall right onto the bag with food.

If you are going on vacation with your dog to visit relatives or friends, you should take the crate with you. The dog should not walk anywhere in someone else’s house with other people’s pets (curious children). You will not be able to control it around the clock, especially at night.

How to choose hundebur?

When choosing a hundebur for a dog, it is necessary to consider its appearance and its dimensions. The animal should be comfortable and relatively spacious in it. Especially when it comes to long trips, imagine that you will be in a chair for a long time, holding down your movements. Very soon you will feel very uncomfortable and then very tired.

Your animal will experience the same if it finds itself in a cage that is too large to stretch out its legs or rollover. This does not mean that the hundebur must be gigantic for the animal to run on it, but the dog must still feel some comfort.

Another critical point is the material and quality of hundebur. Plastic, and from it that most of these accessories are made should be non-toxic and not emit any unpleasant odors. If we are talking about a soft bag or backpack, the material should not fade. Any low-quality materials can lead to an allergic reaction, which is fraught with illness and even the animal’s death.

Next, we will consider what varieties there are on the market for canine products and what is suitable for you.

  1. Metal hundebur. The classic, adaptable alternative. They are very trendy. 90% of dog owner make use of this kind. There are a lot of advantages: folds into a flat case, tough, indigestible, simple to clean. As the folded cage takes up very small space, they are approximately for all time bought for trips with an extensive stay at the end.


2. Plastichundebur(clipper). A excellent option for transportation in a car, plane, and home. It is lightweight, the walls are solid (with slots for ventilation), which creates more comfort for the dog, durable. It can be chosen with castors and handle for easy transport.






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