How does English influence your life in this modern era?

English is widely regarded as the first worldwide lingua franca. The English language has become an integral aspect of every field in today’s modern world. It has long served as a global language for communication, business, science, information technology, and entertainment.

Some reasons why English is the dominant language

  • It’s the most spoken language on the globe

English is currently spoken by 400 million native speakers and understood by 1000-1.6 billion people. Because this language is spoken by nearly a quarter of the world’s population, it’s very easy to find people who speak it in the country you visit, and there’s always someone to talk with.

  • It is the language of worldwide business

Because global firms’ headquarters are mainly in the United States or the United Kingdom, English has become the most widely used language in the business world. Part of this could be due to English speakers’ aversion to learning new languages

  • It is easy to learn

It’s debatable, depending on whom you ask, but it’s generally agreed that English isn’t the most difficult language to learn. The vocabulary is simple to grasp, and the language’s close ties to many other languages mean that speakers of those languages can understand where the English concepts come from.

  • It is related to many other languages

This language has a long and fascinating history that includes wars, invasions, and various influences from around the world. Many cultures, including Roman, Viking, and French, have contributed to the development of contemporary English.

The benefits of knowing English to Enhance your career and business opportunity

  • Gives more career opportunities the worldwide

The fact that you don’t speak any other languages besides Hindi may be a barrier to employment, however, if you speak English fluently, you may be able to get work in multinational settings or in firms with frequent international ties.

  • Global opportunity

Working in a worldwide organization entails interacting with people from all over the world, which necessitates a high level of English proficiency. You are already one step ahead of the other candidates if you can speak English fluently and explain yourself effectively

  • A higher intake rate

When compared to persons who only speak their native language, being able to speak at least one other language considerably improves your CV and increases your chances of being employed.

Speaking another language fluently casts you in a positive light and demonstrates that you are a self-motivated individual seeking to expand your horizons and break free from your comfort zone.

  • Have Access to Multiple Contact

The most common language in global businesses in English, so if you speak it fluently you can easily connect with many people who work in the company you work for or would like to work for. You will be able to meet them and learn many things from them.

  • Personal development

Many studies have shown that the brains of people who speak at least one language besides their own function differently. The cognitive functions of individuals who speak more than one language are different from those of those who speak only their native language.

  • Get More Earning opportunities

Individuals who speak at least two languages in working life are able to find much more varied opportunities than people who speak only one. You will be able to take a job opportunity in a global company, work as a freelancer for a foreign company, or even earn more as you progress in your career in Italy.

In conclusion

The best way how to improve communication skills for interview? Your presentation of yourself is the first and most significant way you may communicate in your interview. Almost everything you do, both at work and in your personal life, can be considered a kind of communication. You can enhance the way you interact and communicate with others by understanding your strengths and limitations and practicing positive behaviors on a regular basis.


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